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The five senses are what give us a quality of life. Each of them has crucial functions, and if one goes away, how we live can be changed forever. Among these senses, the sense of hearing is arguably more important because it gives us a feel of our surroundings. You can be blind, but without your hearing, you may not know what’s around you.

Our hearing is vital to our health because it helps us avoid danger. When we hear of an ambulance or a fire truck, we know to step out of the way and be careful because it could be life-threatening. Like any other bodily function, it can experience issues. Having a clogged feeling in your ear is one of them, and it can be caused by many things such as:

#1 – Impacted Earwax

Earwax, also known as cerumen, is naturally produced by the outer skin of the ears. This substance lubricates the ear canal and protects it from outside debris.

Earwax can be impacted when it’s not removed correctly. When this happens, the earwax can become hardened and, in turn, become affected, which means it’s not coming out of the ear. This condition can be painful and harmful because impacted earwax can block air from entering the ear.

#2 – Ear Fluid

Ear fluid is known as serous otitis or serous otitis media, and this occurs when the middle ear fills with fluid. This happens when the pressure in the middle ear is higher than the pressure outside of the ear. Examples of this include pressure changes, colds, and allergies.

A buildup of pressure can cause ear fluid. When this happens, the ear canal can become blocked due to pressure. This may cause swelling and a scratchy feeling in the ear.

#3 – Sinus Pressure

Sinus pressure, or sinusitis, is caused by fluid buildup in the nose. This can happen because there is an overgrowth of bacteria and other germs that can cause an infection in the nose and cause inflammation. This can also cause clogged ears because the pressure will be more felt in the ears.

A common sign of this is a stuffy nose, headache, and a feeling of pressure in the ears. If this persists for a long time, you may have to go to the doctor to get antibiotic treatments.

#4 – Common Cold

An infection causes a common cold in the middle ear. This can cause the ears to feel clogged because the membranes and tissues in the ears can swell. In turn, this causes pain and pressure in the ear. It can also cause a stuffy nose and a runny nose, which will make the feeling worse.

#5 – Anxiety

It might not seem possible, but anxiety can also cause a clogged feeling in the ears because of the pressure change. When you’re affected by stress, it’s normal to feel a pressure change in your ears. As a result, this can cause the feeling of clogged ears.

It’s also worth noting that some medications can cause the feeling of clogged ears. This can include antibiotics, steroids, and medicine used to treat the cold.

#6 – Inner and Outer Ear Disorders

Inner ear disorders, such as Ménière’s disease, can cause a clogged feeling in your ear. This condition causes pressure to rise in your ear, which makes the ear feel clogged. You may also feel dizziness, aching in the ear, and balance problems.

Outer ear disorders can also cause clogged ears. They include ear infections, ear burns, and foreign objects. If you feel pain in your ear, you should see a doctor right away because this condition can be severe.

#7 – Noise Damage

Naturally, the ear will feel clogged when there is too much noise. This is because the ear is built to protect itself from loud sounds. This is why you’ll hear a ringing sound when there is a loud noise nearby.

If you’re working in a noisy environment, you can develop noise-induced hearing loss. This is why you should use ear protection as much as possible. When you’re not working, try to limit the amount of time you spend with loud music.

#8 – Traumatic Brain Injuries

If you’ve had a traumatic brain injury, it can cause a clogged feeling in your ears because of the swelling. This can make you feel like your ear is plugged. Your overall hearing will also be affected.


A clogged feeling in your ear affects your quality of life. Luckily, this condition can be treated in several ways. If you feel like your ear is blocked, you should go to a medical professional to have it treated. This way, you can see immediate results.

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