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If you’re having a little trouble hearing things as clearly as you used to, you might be tempted to ignore it. You may think it’s an inevitable aspect of aging, or that it’s not likely to get any worse. It’s true that aging affects our ability to hear; in fact, 50% of adults over age 75 experience some degree of hearing loss. But 30% of people over age 65 suffer unnecessarily from debilitating hearing loss that has a profound effect on their lives. For many, the severity of the loss is linked to letting the problem go untreated. The key to preserving your hearing is the early detection of hearing loss. It’s essential to have your hearing checked at the first sign of a problem to avoid rapid progression and complications. Many factors that contribute to hearing loss can be easily remedied to restore your hearing ability. While early detection is key to protecting your hearing, you might be surprised to learn how many other ways it also impacts your health. Take a look at four ways early detection improves your overall quality of life.

1. It Protects Your Physical Health

Having your hearing checked is essential to your physical health for several reasons. Safety is one of the most concerning elements of hearing loss. When you are out and about, and particularly, behind the wheel, it’s imperative to hear surrounding sounds. It’s dangerous to miss important cues like honking horns, barking dogs, or fire alarms. Make sure to have your hearing checked before you are unable to decipher safety warnings.

An ear check is also important to physical health in that it can expose underlying problems. It could be an infection, a mass, or a degenerative disease that is hurting your hearing, and a hearing test can uncover the issue. High blood pressure, diabetes, and medications that are toxic to your system can be at the root of your hearing loss. Safeguard your physical health by visiting a hearing instrument specialist at the first sign of trouble.

2. It Protects Your Mental Health

Hearing is a wonderful ability in and of it itself, but it’s also a cognitive skill. When we struggle to hear, the damage occurs not only in our ears; it also spreads to our brain. Our brains need to experience a full range of sounds to stay healthy, and when we strain to hear, our brain loses the ability to process certain sounds. The longer your brain goes without hearing certain sounds, the more it will struggle to understand those sounds, even when hearing is restored. Early detection is key to protecting your brain’s capability to comprehend what it hears.

Our brains can also become overloaded when working so hard to process muffled and indecipherable sounds. This overstimulation can cause mental exhaustion and certain pathways to shut down. Cognitive decline is more prevalent in those with untreated hearing loss, which can lead to Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Guard against devastating disabilities by seeking early detection.

3. It Protects Your Emotional Health

Socialization is crucial to emotional health, and hearing loss hampers that part of our lives. Whether you are struggling to hear at a noisy party, or have trouble hearing the soft-spoken words of a grandchild, your social life becomes less enjoyable when hearing is impaired. Some of the best sounds in life are enjoyed with loved ones. When your son or daughter calls, you want to hear them clearly through the phone. And when your favorite comedian or singer comes to town, you don’t want to miss a note when you celebrate a night out with friends.

Some people with hearing loss begin to shy away from social events, so they won’t have to ask people to repeat themselves or have trouble following a conversation. This embarrassment or discomfort, in turn, leads to isolation, which can breed loneliness and depression. Socialization is a critical part of healthy hearing, in that it promotes cognitive ability, sound variety, and a boost to your well-being. Have your hearing checked now, so you can engage in lively conversation and maintain vital and vibrant relationships.

4. It Protects Your Current Hearing Ability

One thing many people are surprised to learn is that treating hearing loss not only restores hearing; it also protects the hearing ability that remains. Early detection helps hearing specialists tackle an issue before it does further damage. The average patient waits seven years to address hearing loss, during which time, the hearing continues to deteriorate. Things like wax buildup, infection, and medications pose a threat to your current hearing ability, but specialists can address these issues before they do lasting damage. They can also provide you with tips on how to protect your hearing, such as using earplugs, noise-canceling headphones, and PPE when you will be in noisy areas.

Many people think hearing aids and devices are only for those who can no longer hear very much. But hearing devices are also essential in safeguarding current ability. When hearing aids and assistive devices are used regularly and properly, they prevent further damage and loss. Hearing aids can be set at optimal levels to avoid accidentally exposing your ears to damaging decibels. Since these devices produce sounds easily received by your brain, you can maintain a healthy connection between your brain and ears. A hearing instrument specialist can get you fitted with the right device to prevent greater loss of hearing.

At Hear More Associates, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of early detection. We want to help our patients catch hearing loss early when there is still so much we can do to help. Treatment options are not only more prevalent but also more effective with early intervention. Don’t delay on protecting one of your most important senses. Our caring team of professionals will help you find the most comfortable and informed solution catered specifically to you. When you visit us, you will be treated by the owner, not just a salesperson. We have a distinguished reputation for being the most honest and transparent team with diverse solutions and 21 offices to serve our valued patients. Contact us today for early detection and preventative hearing care.

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Charles Balyozian, BC-HIS

Charlie has been delivering incredible customer service and great value as a hearing instrument provider since 2007. Board-certified in hearing instrument sciences, Charlie provides hearing instruments for seniors, adults, and children. Charlie and his team are committed to doing whatever it takes to help restore your hearing.