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Using hearing aids may have changed your life for the better. If you recall the first time you put your hearing aids on, you may also recall the sounds you didn’t realize you were missing, the purity of the sound, and the ease with which you could listen. 

Many people who have hearing loss regret not receiving their first set of hearing aids sooner. Untreated hearing loss accelerates the rate of degeneration, which cannot be reversed once it has occurred. 

If you’ve had them for a while, you may not be sure your hearing aids are still operating the way they used to. You could be shocked by the quality of sound you’re hearing if you haven’t had your hearing checked or upgraded your existing pair of hearing aids in the last few years.

Technology continues to advance, and your hearing aid might not be up to the task anymore. Below are ways to figure out if you need to upgrade your hearing aids.

Your Hearing Aids Have Reached Their Average Lifespan

The lifespan of a hearing aid is usually three to seven years. They do not endure indefinitely, and they have a shelf life. They’re little computers that break down over time. 

The durability of your hearing aid is determined by how well it is built, maintained, and how much wear and tear it endures. You will benefit from new hearing aids if a hearing instrument, product, or specific model stops performing reliably.

By producing an atmosphere rich in moisture, heat, and wax, your body acts like a sauna on your hearing aids. Daily exposure to these elements has an impact on your device. 

The following are signs that your hearing aids need to be replaced:

  • They are over the age of four.
  • They are no longer satisfying your current requirements the way they used to.
  • There is newer technology available that will address a current issue.
  • There’s a substantial shift in your lifestyle, career, or level of daily activity.
  • You’ve had a financial boost.

There’s a Significant Change in Your Job or Lifestyle

If your lifestyle changes, you should modify your hearing aid as well. New routines and activities require a gadget that can adjust to new noise conditions while remaining lightweight. 

Hearing aids can be affected by activities such as woodworking, swimming, hiking, and horseback riding. You’ll need a higher fidelity gadget that can endure all of this activity for these and other activities.

Whatever your motivation for upgrading, carefully assess the benefits and drawbacks so you can make an informed decision. Let your audiologist know if you’ve added new activities to your week and would like your hearing aids to accommodate your new lifestyle better. 

You Have the Means to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

You may be willing to pay the highest amount for consumer electronics and household goods. Why not use the same logic for hearing aids? 

Your hearing may deteriorate to the point where it is no longer within the capabilities of your current model. Upgraded hearing aids mean more power, functionality, and flexibility.

The latest models will also connect wirelessly to other electronic devices in your environment, such as cellphones and music equipment.


Annual screening is very important. Hearing aid checks should be treated similarly to the eye, dental, and vision exams. However, it’s best to give your audiologist a call right away if you believe your old equipment isn’t operating as well as it once did.

If you need new hearing aids in Londonderry, you will find an excellent pair and other hearing services at Hear More Associates. 

We’re the most trusted hearing care specialists caring for patients throughout Lexington and Greater Boston, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Check out our products and services today!

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