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At Hear More Associates, my team and I strive to do whatever we can to ensure your hearing is the best it can be. After all, hearing aids are our forte.

But do you know what the most common signs of hearing loss are? In this blog, I’ll share five of the warning signs you should be aware of.

  1. “Could you repeat that?”

Are conversations becoming a guessing game? Whether you’re dining in a crowded restaurant, at a baseball game with friends, or socializing with family at a wedding, if noisy environments are challenging, it might very well be that your ears need to be tested.

Being unable to hear women’s and children’s voices as clearly as usual is often another telltale sign that something’s wrong. They speak at higher sound frequencies than men, and these higher frequencies are the first to be lost when it comes to hearing loss.

Also, when talking with a friend, pay attention to their pronunciation. Do the consonants seem to be missing from some of their words? If so, that’s another indication something’s not right.

  1. “I think we’ve got a bad connection.”

Phone conversations often become difficult. At first, you might think something is wrong with the phone signal but as it continues to happen, it becomes clear there’s more to it than that. You might find yourself swapping the phone from ear to ear, and eventually avoiding the phone all together out of frustration.

The reason? A lack of visual cues.

In-person conversations rely on lip movement just as much as audio input. Not being able to see the speaker when you’re on the phone makes a big difference when hearing becomes difficult.

  1. “Turn it down!”

Is TV time turning into battle time with other family members? The TV might seem like it’s at a comfortable volume to you but for your loved ones, it’s painfully loud. This might be your cue to put the remote down and get your hearing checked out.

  1. “It just won’t quit.”

If you’re hearing a constant ticking, chirping, or buzzing, chances are it’s tinnitus. Many cases are linked to hearing loss due to damage within the inner ear. Although it’s incurable, treatments are available that can help distract you from the noise you’re hearing.

  1. “Why am I so tired?”

Hearing loss can cause stress when you’re straining to follow conversations at work, at home, and in your social life. You might feel frustrated, tetchy, and just plain tired from trying to keep up. It takes lots of energy to stay on top of things when a major part of your body isn’t working right and it’s trying so hard to do so.

Headaches might become a regular occurrence. Tension and anxiety can cause your neck and shoulder muscles to tighten up, which doesn’t help with your overall sense of wellbeing.

If any of these signs seem familiar to you, don’t despair. We care about your hearing and ensuring that you get the most out of life. A hearing test is the first step towards better hearing – call 781-863-8282 to book yours today.




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Charles Balyozian, BC-HIS

Charlie has been delivering incredible customer service and great value as a hearing instrument provider since 2007. Board-certified in hearing instrument sciences, Charlie provides hearing instruments for seniors, adults, and children. Charlie and his team are committed to doing whatever it takes to help restore your hearing.