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Hearing loss can often be prevented. Sometimes it’s just part of getting older, but if your hearing is damaged due to exposure to loud noises, you can stop the process before it’s too late. Simply put yourself in a soundproof room and avoid listening to music at high volumes. 

1. Protect Your Hearing When in Loud Events of Environments

Hearing damage is preventable if you protect your ears from loud sounds and loud environments. Certain life events like concerts, clubs, and sporting events can often be very loud and have long-lasting adverse effects on hearing. 

Many people have attended these events and found their hearing becoming impaired days or weeks after. Protecting your hearing from these loud noises can be as simple as using earplugs or ear covers.

2. Properly Adjust Your TV and Radio Volume

TV and Radio volume and concerts and clubs can be very loud and permanently damage your ears if you don’t protect yourself. No one wants to miss a word of their favorite show, but the sound can be too loud. The volume of the TV should be set at a reasonable level that makes the dialogue audible, but the sound effects and music can be a little softer.

3. Avoid Loud Noises

Whether you are at a concert, sporting event, or even mowing the lawn, loud noise can be very damaging to your ears if you are exposed to it for prolonged periods. 

The loud noises of lawnmowers, tractors, and leaf blowers can cause hearing loss if used in a residential area, even if used at a distance. The high noise level can be damaging even if you are wearing hearing protection.

4. Wear Hearing Protection While Working With Power Tools

Anyone who works with power tools, machines, or equipment should wear hearing protection. The amount of noise from power tools can easily exceed 100 decibels. Regular exposure to these types of noise levels can cause permanent damage to your ears. There are several types of hearing protection, and all of them are effective if used properly.

5. Use of White Noise

White noise is a sound that can mask the loud noises in your surroundings and help you become more productive. White noise can help you read, listen to music and television, and relax. This sound can help you focus on the sounds you want to hear and drown out the noises you don’t.

6. Limit Time Listening to Music Using Headphones

Listening to music for hours on end can be an enjoyable pastime for many people. But it should be limited to a reasonable amount of time. Listening to music for hours on end can damage your ears if exposed to high volumes. The music volume should be set at an adequate level not to cause lasting damage to the ears.


Hearing loss is not all that uncommon but is preventable if you take steps to protect your ears. Some of these steps are simple, like using ear muffs or earplugs, but other measures may include changing your life habits, like limiting your time listening to music or using the TV. Every little bit helps reduce the risk of damage to your hearing.

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