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The world is filled with many sounds – sounds you don’t want to miss. For instance, you’d love to hear your grandchild’s first piano recitals or have a long conversation with an old friend over the phone. Unfortunately, poor hearing can prevent you from cherishing these moments without mastering their hearing aids. Thankfully, you can develop healthy habits to make the most of your hearing aids.

Here are the seven best ways to improve your hearing every day:

1. Practice Hearing in the Quiet of Your Home

Take a break and rest if you’re wearing your aid because you’re tired. You will gradually be able to listen for more extended periods. Soon, you’ll be able to wear your hearing aid all day without discomfort.

Certain sounds will appear different when you wear a hearing aid than when you don’t. Make an effort to become accustomed to any new sounds you may encounter. Consider the other background noises and make it an exercise to identify each one.

2. Connect to Your Hearing Loop

Museums, theaters, and churches, for example, can have a hearing loop installed around them to provide you with enhanced audio via a wireless connection. Look for the hearing-loop logo at participating locations.

Check if your hearing aid is turned on. If yours has a volume control, make sure to turn up the volume. If your hearing aid has a directional microphone, activate it. Ensure that the hearing aid is properly plugged in. Hearing aids are required to be worn at all times.

3. Protect Your Ears as Much as Possible

Many people worldwide, particularly children, have hearing loss due to loud noises. This, however, is a preventable cause. Protect your hearing by limiting your exposure and wearing adequate hearing protection during events such as watching fireworks, hunting with firearms, and other situations where you may be exposed to loud sounds.

4. Give Exercise a Chance

Obesity can lead to various health problems, including strokes, heart disease, and diabetes. It could, however, be related to your hearing problems. Changing your lifestyle to a healthier one can help you reduce your risk of being overweight, strain your hearing, and harm your overall health. You can take good care of your hearing by eating well and exercising regularly.

5. Get Assistance From Technology

Smartphones can directly stream audio to hearing aids, caption videos, and visual display alerts for incoming phone calls. In addition, hearing aid technology can now translate into other languages. With today’s technology, any alarming sound can be converted into a visual or vibratory cue, allowing doorbells, smoke detectors, and other devices to alert you with flashing lights or vibrations.

6. How About Trying Captioned Calls

If you have trouble hearing phone calls, you may be eligible for a landline phone that displays the person you’re speaking to’s responses through captions. It is also compatible with your best hearing aids. All you need is a standard phone line and an internet connection.


The first step is to find out how well your ears are performing for the best of your hearing. When you see your audiologist, you’ll be able to discuss options for a hearing aid. If you don’t wear one already, that’s okay. Ask your audiologist to find out what would work best for you. Maybe this is the right time to start hearing clearly.

Are you looking for the best hearing test in Lexington? Hear More Associates is here to help you. As the most reliable hearing care specialists, our goal is to provide comfort and care for our patients as we accommodate their specific needs. Call for an appointment today.

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