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It’s been a difficult time. You’ve been waiting for what feels like ages. Finally, your brand new hearing aids arrive. You put them on and brace yourself for a familiar sensation, but it falls flat. It isn’t the hearing you might have expected. Don’t worry, though, because this is all normal.

Advice for Breaking In New Hearing Aids

It will take some time to adjust to new hearing aids. Your ears will have to get used to the new sounds a bit at a time. The more chances you get to use your hearing aids, the more your brain will learn to decipher the sounds. If you’d like to have a smoother time using your hearing aids, find out what you can do to “break them in.”

In this article, we’ll share five helpful tips to help you break in your new hearing aids.

1. Wear Them at Home

That’s right. Your ears have to get used to hearing aid sounds, so you’re going to have to wear them even when you don’t have to. This means wearing your hearing aids as long as possible throughout the day. You can start off by listening to music, watching television, or having one-on-one conversations with friends and family.

It’s a good idea to practice using your hearing aids every day. This will help you get more use out of them and get your brain used to hearing aids. Call a friend, watch a show in different volumes, or take a quick walk to the park. There are loads of things to do to help you adjust!

2. Expect Loud Background Noises

It’s very common for background noises to seem louder than you’re used to when you first put in your hearing aids. This is because your brain has its expectations set for how quiet or loud different sounds are supposed to be. Experiencing the boost from hearing aids will make it harder for your brain to determine that what you’re hearing is supposed to be background noise. If things like static, machine hums, and more seem louder than usual, it’s because your brain has to relearn to separate them as background noise.

3. Increase Usage Gradually

You might find that wearing your hearing aids for a few hours at a time is plenty to start. The longer you wear hearing aids, the more you’ll get used to their effect and the less discomfort you’ll feel. It’s best to do this little by little, so your body gets more acclimated to the device smoothly.

4. Take Your Time

If you’re feeling irritated or frustrated, it’s okay to take a break. If you get too frustrated, it’s not going to help. Instead, give your ears a break for a couple of hours. If you feel that it’s too soon to return to the hearing aids, wait a little longer.

5. Get Check-Ups

You should make an appointment with your chosen hearing specialist to make sure everything is okay with your hearing aids. Additionally, you should follow up with your hearing aid provider or audiologist at regular intervals so you can make sure you’re doing everything you can to make your hearing aids work for you.


The main thing you need to do to break in your hearing aids is simply using them. Use them around the house, at the grocery store, and wherever else you want. It’s important to take your time with them so you can adjust properly. Hearing aids are a device that you’ll need to use for the rest of your life, and the more you commit to them, the easier your life will be

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