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Many individuals are startled to realize that becoming accustomed to hearing aids takes time, mainly if they have never worn them before. You’re adjusting to all the new sounds and stimuli that your brain has forgotten about over the last few years and figuring out how they work. 

Your hearing care expert will be an excellent resource as you learn to use your hearing aids, and you should never hesitate to call them between appointments with any questions. Moreover, it’s critical to understand that hearing aids will not precisely recreate how you once heard before losing your hearing. The most visible alteration for some is the tone of their voice.

At first, your voice will sound unusual or unfamiliar, and it may even be louder than you wish. Chewing and swallowing are two activities that may be highly noticeable. However, these first vexing sensations will subside as you wear your hearing aids more regularly.

Here are practical tips on how to adjust to your new hearing aids: 

1. You Need to Wear Them at Home 

Start at home when you first put on your new hearing aids. When you’re not getting accustomed to them, the best thing is to give yourself some time and wear them more regularly.

The ideal way to wear them is to keep them on all day, except when sleeping. Though you may feel self-conscious of your hearing aids, it’s best to stay strong and wear them as always. 

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Relying on Your Family

Your hearing care expert will likely have suggested things to help you hear better, and if they didn’t, they should have!

In fact, these are more than suggestions. They are directives that will help you understand the impact of hearing aids. In the early stage, you will benefit from help from your family members when you’re learning to hear again.

You can ask them to repeat words or instructions or to speak more slowly or loudly. 

3. You Have to Go Slowly 

Upon wearing your hearing aid for the first time, you will want to jump into everything. While learning how to hear is exciting, you shouldn’t rush it.

It is better to become accustomed to the gradual changes instead of being overwhelmed by them all at once.

4. Make Your List of Things to Do

You may have to do a few things to adjust to hearing aids.

You need to do things that can get you started, but you can make your list if it helps you. It is better to know what you have to do to ensure you don’t feel taken aback. These will be things that can help you hear better or feel more comfortable. 

5. Follow Your Hearing Care Expert’s Recommendations 

It’s a great idea to follow your hearing care expert’s recommendations and advice. If they give you a list of things to do when you first start wearing your hearing aids, write them down and work them into your schedule.

Your hearing care expert is a professional for a reason, and they have helped many people adjust to hearing aids. If they tell you to do something, it’s a good idea to follow it. 


The sounds of your hearing aids may be jarring at first, but hopefully, by following the tips above, you can adjust to your hearing aids. The good news is that these improvements occur gradually. Your brain will adapt to the new sounds with time and effort, and everything will feel more natural. You will have a more remarkable ability to hear, significantly impacting your quality of life.

When it comes to the best hearing clinic in Rhode Island, Hear More Associates is the best place for you. With hearing care, we want what is best for you, which is why our team of specialists is highly certified, masters of their profession, and has years of combined expertise. Contact us for a consultation today!

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