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Surprising Ways Hearing Aids Improve Your Quality of Life

Having difficulty hearing can be hard to admit. You might feel like it means you’re getting older or are somehow less vital than you were. But the truth is, the majority of people, whether young or old, will experience hearing loss at some point in their lives, so don’t suffer in silence. You might worry that hearing aids will be a hassle to use, or fear what others will think when you wear one. But studies show that those fears are unfounded, as hearing aids significantly improve quality of life. And hearing aids today have an aesthetic quality and technological capabilities that you have to see to believe. Hearing Instrument Specialists love seeing the change in patients when they reclaim a full and rewarding life with hearing aids. You might expect your hearing to improve with hearing aids, but what you might not expect is how your whole life will benefit. Take a look at some unexpected ways hearing aids can improve your quality of life.

Hearing Aids Build Stronger Relationships

Our social lives really suffer when we struggle to hear friends and family. When you meet a friend for lunch, you don’t want to be distracted by background noise in the kitchen or the conversation at the table next to you. If loved ones call you on the phone, a missed word here or there can change the whole tone of the conversation. This leads to frustration and, often, avoidance of social situations. Many may not realize how much it also contributes to exhaustion. When we strain to hear, our brain and ears are working overtime, which can cause irritability and fatigue. At Hear More Associates, we know how much those relationships matter to you, and we want to take the struggle out of your conversations. Hearing aids eliminate confusion and the embarrassment you might feel, asking others to repeat themselves.

Hearing Aids Increase Your Intelligence

Hearing aid users test higher for cognitive function, communicative functioning, self-esteem, and emotional intelligence than those who choose not to wear one. When you allow your brain to stop working so hard to pick up indecipherable sounds, you prevent blocked pathways, loss of sound recognition, and mental fatigue. Social engagement is also key to cognitive ability, and hearing aids make socializing far more appealing. Hearing aids also offer advanced technology like smartphone app connectivity and programmable settings to keep you ahead of the curve. The longer battery life and impeccable sound quality of today’s devices make hearing a much easier task, so your brain can focus on other things, like the people you love listening to.

Hearing Aids Enhance Your Lifestyle

If you’re worried that your hearing aid will be cumbersome or ineffective, you can lay those fears to rest. Significant advances have occurred in hearing technology since your grandparents used a device. You may envision them as a clunky apparatus that emit high-pitched squeals for no apparent reason. But technological advances have produced reliable hearing aids that are discrete, adaptive, and programmable. At Hear More Associates, we customize your device to your environment, including everything from preferred volume levels to sleep settings. We’ll get you back to swimming laps in the pool, watching your favorite blockbuster film, or enjoying a round of tennis with durable, comfortable hearing instruments. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes and provide expert individualized care to help you find the perfect fit.

Hearing Aids Make Everything More Fun

You might not even realize how much you’re struggling at first. It’s easy to assume the difficulty of hearing is caused by a loud environment or a bad telephone connection. You may be feeling tired or suffer from headaches or funny sounds in your ear. Once you see what an impact hearing loss has on your life, you’ll be entirely invigorated by restored hearing. Some things are a pleasure to regain, like the ability to hear the wind whistling through trees, or crickets chirping in summer. While other things are an actual necessity to regain, such as the perception of cars honking, ambulances approaching, or dogs barking. Hearing aids remove the stress of missing out on the fun, as well as missing essential safety cues. Life is so much more enjoyable when you don’t have to miss a note.

Quality of life is a variable thing, and there are simple ways to improve it. Why struggle through your day straining to hear, when you can eliminate that hurdle? A hearing aid improves social, mental, emotional, and physical health. It’s one small solution for a multitude of problems. Our patients often wonder why they didn’t come in sooner, once they experience the difference hearing aids make. This is a small investment you can make in yourself that will have a tremendous impact. We’d love to help you find the perfect fit and show you what you’ve been missing. We’re Greater Boston’s most trusted hearing care specialists because we provide, honesty, transparency, and compassion to all of our valued patients. Contact us today or visit one of our 21 locations to start living life to the fullest!

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Charles Balyozian, BC-HIS

Charlie has been delivering incredible customer service and great value as a hearing instrument provider since 2007. Board-certified in hearing instrument sciences, Charlie provides hearing instruments for seniors, adults, and children. Charlie and his team are committed to doing whatever it takes to help restore your hearing.