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Stress and anxiety are everyday experiences that can majorly impact our lives. For many people, stress can lead to physical and mental health problems, including hearing loss. In contrast to other age-related health concerns, hearing loss does not suddenly present. Instead, it proceeds gradually and often goes unnoticed until a hearing professional advises the patient that they need a hearing aid.

Anyone who has just been diagnosed with hearing loss—or whose hearing has worsened—may feel anxiousness. Read on to know more about how anxiety affects hearing and vice versa.

Does Hearing Loss Increase Anxiety?

The association between hearing loss and anxiety is not surprising, considering that hearing loss can significantly impact someone’s quality of life. It can also cause a loss of independence in daily activities and interactions with loved ones, which can be stressful. When people have hearing loss, they experience psychological distress associated with their inability to hear and interact with others, which can worsen their overall stress.

While hearing loss is not a mental health problem, it can cause people to be more fearful, anxious, and withdrawn. Consequently, they may avoid social interaction, which can, in turn, worsen their mental health. 

Does Anxiety Increase Hearing Loss?

Anxiety disorder is a health problem that can be debilitating and profoundly affect someone’s day-to-day life. It can also worsen other health issues and contribute to or cause hearing loss. People not adept at emotional regulation will likely have difficulty dealing with anxiety and hearing loss. If they do not learn to handle their stress, they may experience more strain and further difficulty in their daily lives.

How Does Anxiety Contribute to Hearing Loss?

Stress can cause several physical changes in the body, including a rapid heartbeat. This can reduce blood flow to the ear and affect the ear’s ability to function normally. Many people with anxiety disorder have a higher risk of hypertension, or high blood pressure, which can further decrease the ear’s ability to receive and process sound.

How Does Hearing Loss Contribute to Anxiety?

Hearing loss is often a wholly hidden disability. It is challenging for those with hearing loss to communicate in situations with a lot of background noise. This can increase the anxiety those affected by hearing loss feel since they might feel unable to understand others or be understood by them.

What Can Those With Anxiety and Hearing Loss Do?

Both anxiety and hearing loss can be long-term conditions, but there are ways to manage them. If you have an anxiety disorder, you can seek treatment from a hearing health professional, psychiatrist, and other professionals who can help you deal with your anxiety. The sooner you seek help, the sooner you can start making positive changes to your hearing and overall health.

As for hearing loss, you can seek treatment from a hearing health professional. As you may have already noticed, hearing aids provide much-needed amplification, making social interactions easier.


There are many reasons for hearing loss and for anxiety disorder. Still, one of the things we know for sure is that the stress and anxiety associated with hearing loss can be manageable. Seek professional help and be proactive in managing your anxiety and hearing loss. You can enjoy your life and be physically and mentally healthy.

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