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Hearing loss affects people of all ages, though it tends to affect older adults more frequently. While it’s not entirely unavoidable, it’s still one of the most common ailments among the elderly. But it doesn’t stop there. Even young people are also quite vulnerable to hearing loss. The good news is, there are signs that can help you determine if you have hearing loss, but it requires a hearing test to be certain of it. Let’s break down all these signs so you know if you need to go to a hearing specialist and have yourself tested.

1. People Often Have to Repeat Themselves

If you’ve been having difficulty discerning what people are saying, or they seem muffled or unclear, this could be a sign of a hearing problem. If you find yourself repeatedly asking people to repeat themselves, or you need to be close to the person talking to you, this could be a sign of marginal hearing loss, especially if it’s been going on for a while.

2. You Hear Things, but You’re Not Sure What It Is

Hearing loss can be tricky. Sometimes people hear things but aren’t sure what it is they’re hearing. They can hear it, but they’re not sure what they’re hearing. The problem of hearing things but not being able to distinguish them is common among people with hearing loss. This is known as auditory confusion, or it could also be a frequency sensitivity problem, where sounds are muffled and unclear. This will also require a hearing test to determine if you have a problem or if it’s just normal age-related hearing changes.

3. It’s a Struggle to Hear in Crowded or Noisy Places

This is another sign of hearing loss. A lot of people struggle to distinguish the sound of voices in noisy places or when people are talking too fast. If you find yourself straining to hear in these situations, then you might want to go see a hearing specialist. It’s also common for people with hearing loss to have difficulty in noisy places like restaurants, bars, or street corners, or in gatherings where everyone is talking at once.

4. You Can’t Hear Your Own Voice 

This is a condition that is often overlooked. If you can’t hear your own voice while talking or even singing, this might be an indication that you’re experiencing hearing loss. This is often the first sign that people will notice with their own voice, and it can be a bit embarrassing to realize that you have a hearing loss.

These are just some of the signs that you might be experiencing hearing loss. While some are more immediate symptoms, others could be due to some other medical condition, but in any case, it would be best to have a hearing test done to determine what’s causing the hearing loss.

5. You Notice a Ringing or Buzzing Sound in Your Here

You are not alone if you are constantly hearing a ringing or a buzzing sound in your ears, even when there’s no background noise. This is called tinnitus, and it is one of the common signs of hearing loss. It’s not a condition itself but rather a symptom of another underlying problem.

The most prevalent cause of tinnitus is noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) which can be caused by exposure to loud sounds, such as from firearms, music, and other loud devices, or from natural sources such as storms and earthquakes. Another common cause of tinnitus is when the bones surrounding the ear become damaged to the point that they actually start rubbing against each other.


The signs of hearing loss are often there, but without a hearing test to determine if you truly have hearing loss, you might not know the extent of your hearing loss. If you think you might have a hearing problem, it’s important to get yourself checked by a hearing specialist to determine your true hearing level and if you might need a hearing aid to help remedy the problem.

Don’t take hearing tests for granted as they can effectively assess if you’re suffering from hearing loss. It’s best to work with trusted hearing specialists like those from Hear More Associates. Our reputation and locations have grown from our honest and transparent approach to hearing care. Visit us at any of our clinics in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Lexington, and the Greater Boston area, and let us help you with your hearing issues.

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