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It’s not common knowledge, but hearing loss can occur at any age, not when a person has reached seniorhood. In fact, children can develop hearing loss, too. 

It’s also worth noting children experiencing hearing loss often get diagnosed because parents aren’t aware of the signs. If you’re worried about your child’s ear health, it’s time to take a proactive stance.

Here are some signs that your kid needs a hearing test ASAP.

1. Your Child Rarely Reacts to Loud Sounds

Parents sometimes have to yell at their children to get their attention, but if this often happens, it’s a sign that your child should have their hearing checked.

For example, if you’re in a restaurant or watching television and you want your child to do something like pick up their toys, if they can hear, they should respond when you talk to them.

A child who feels overwhelmed by the restaurant’s noise won’t hear you, though. In this case, you’ll need to try other methods to get their attention, like tapping them on the arm.

2. Your Child Cannot Hear You in a Noisy Area

If your child seems to have difficulty hearing you in a busy area, like a mall or restaurant, it may be because they have trouble isolating sounds.

A person’s hearing naturally adapts to the sounds around them, allowing them to focus on the ones that matter. When they are in a loud place, they can block out the sound of all the other people.

Children with hearing loss can’t do this naturally, so they’re forced to hear all the sounds at once. This can be hard for them to focus on you, so they seem like they aren’t listening to you.

3. Your Child Is Developing Communication Skills Slowly

For babies and toddlers, it’s normal for their language skills to start a little slow. As they get older and begin learning new words, this should improve.

A child who isn’t using words at the age most kids do likely has a hearing problem.

It’s important to note that babies who have hearing loss don’t seem delayed because they don’t communicate much. As time goes on, it becomes apparent that there’s a problem, though.

4. Your Child Seems to Have a Hard Time Following Directions

A child having a hard time following directions may be because they have trouble hearing what you’re saying.

As an example, if you’re trying to explain something to your child, they may not hear you clearly, and you’ll need to repeat yourself multiple times.

The problem won’t necessarily be that you’re giving them the wrong direction. It may likely be time to come in for a hearing test.

5. Your Child Complains about Low TV Volumes

It’s true that most kids these days watch TV with the volume turned up super loud.

A child who complains about television volume and doesn’t seem to realize that it’s too high is likely at risk for hearing loss.

If your child has trouble understanding other sounds or seems to have difficulty hearing when you’re talking to them, it’s time to make an appointment with their doctor for a hearing test.

Ending Note

If you suspect that your child might have a hearing problem, don’t wait. A hearing test is inexpensive and can help you better understand whether your child has hearing loss. You want your child to hear as much as possible and not miss out on crucial sounds that can help them learn and grow.

Are you looking for a hearing clinic in Massachusetts? Hear More Associates makes a perfect candidate since we accommodate patients of all ages. Come in for a hearing test for your child today!

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