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Is it really important to have your hearing checked regularly? You might think there is completely nothing wrong with your hearing because you don’t feel anything wrong inside your ear. But the question is, is your hearing health really healthy?

It feels amazing to be able to hear everyone around you – hear what they say, hear the birds chirping in the morning, hearing babies laugh, hearing vehicles passing by, hearing music and being able to grove to the music, being able to sing because you can hear a tune and a melody, and being able to hear your loved ones call your name. Being able to hear is a great honor, it really is a blessing even though at times we might find ourselves not wanting to hear any single noise when we’re frustrated, wanting to be able to unhear every sound because of an emotional state we might be in, but you must be very careful on what you wish for. You might unintentionally wish to not hear anyone or anything because you are angry at the world, but being unable to hear would be very devastating.

Sense of hearing is one of the most important senses in the human body. Imagine, you were born with a perfectly healthy hearing and then suddenly in just one snap you will totally lose your hearing, wouldn’t that be something you would regret? By just neglecting your hearing health’s need, you cost your hearing. Some may not bother about getting their ears and hearing checked but it would be a must to get your hearing tested regularly. Find out why and when you should have your hearing tested:

It would be beneficial for us to see a hearing test as a screening rather than an exam. Too many people take it that hearing tests are just for people who have a hearing problem, just for instance, in vision tests, people tend to think that it is only open for people who have difficulty in seeing or people with poor eyesight. But a hearing screening doesn’t just determine hearing loss; it can reveal many physical and medical issues that you may not have known about (and which may not present any symptoms).

Don’t wait for any grave complications to arise in your hearing, you have to have your ears and hearing checked on a regular basis. Although most hearing loss is triggered by aging, some losses are a result of an underlying medical condition. Ailments such as diabetes may be an origin for hearing problems, while high blood pressure or hypertension has been allied to both hearing loss and tinnitus. Many patients are able to relieve their hearing problems by treating medical conditions they didn’t know they had!

Personally speaking, I have problems with my own hearing, I have perforated eardrums. My audiologist told me it was due to wearing earphones all the time without cleaning it properly and my eardrums got infected. At first, I just felt a very sharp sound inside my head. I thought it was just caused by a migraine but then it developed into something more serious. I can’t sleep at night due to the pain I felt inside my ears, it felt like it was being impaled by a needle. But still I didn’t go to any doctor. I just kept it to myself and just acted like nothing happened, like I didn’t suffered pain every minute of that torture. I just thought it would go away and cure by itself. But I was wrong. As months passed by, I kept neglecting the pain and what got to my attention was the blood coming out from my ear. I almost lost my hearing. I rushed to the doctor and got myself treated. I wasn’t allowed to go swimming from then on up to today.

Always take care of your hearing. Never expose yourselves to too much noise and extremely loud music. Don’t wear headphones or earphones for a long period of time and make sue to clean it properly to avoid infection. Also, make sure to regularly and properly clean your ears. However, we can try to be aware of the noise levels in the situations we find ourselves. If you have to shout over background noise to make yourself heard, your hearing is probably in the danger zone where prolonged exposure could lead to damage. Obviously, if you find you have ringing in your ears or experience pain, it’s a sure sign your noise exposure is too high. This often appears after the noisy event (like a music concert) is over. If you find it difficult to hear for several hours after the noisy event, or hear ringing in your ears or other unusual after-effects, then your hearing has probably been in danger. You can rest your ears by avoiding loud noises. And in future, similar situations, you can be more aware and act earlier to reduce the effects.

You should always bare in mind that all you have is a blessing and should always take care of it. Not everyone is born with complete senses so take care of yours. It is not ideal to suffer pain and get restricted to do what had been doing in the past years of your lives. It may seem that hearing is just a small portion of your whole being but that is completely not true. Every part of your body is a subset of another part of the body. It is all corelated, they function as a team so they have to be working all healthy together. Remember, your body is your temple. Should take good care of it so it won’t burn down the grounds into ashes. There are some audiologists that offers free hearing test if you’re worried about having to pay for anything. You wouldn’t need huge funds just to get your hearing tested, but you will need big cash if you failed to take good care of your hearing and didn’t had regular hearing test – you’ll have maintenance for the prescription, the paraphernalia that is going to be used if necessary.

Lesson learned: Never, ever let you hearing go to waste. As much as possible, go have your hearing tested once a year just to make sure your hearing health is healthy. Haven’t had you hearing tested? Go to the nearest hearing specialist in your area and save your hearing.

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