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The sense of hearing is one of the five fundamental senses of the human body. Obviously, the primary function of the sense of hearing is to give us an idea of the environment around us without relying on sight. However, we are only human—and we can develop complications with our senses, such as hearing loss.

If you’re worried about the onset signs of hearing loss—or if you’re not entirely sure—then it might be worth seeing a hearing health professional. Like any medical condition, hearing loss can be assessed with a medical check-up procedure. This lets you identify potential treatment options for your ailment.

In this article, we list down three reasons you should see a hearing health professional more often. Read on below to learn more.

#1 – Hearing Tests

Hearing tests are the primary reason why hearing check-ups are conducted. Regardless of how well you think your hearing is, undergoing one should be done at least every few years. However, it will be necessary to take a hearing exam if you feel you’re experiencing hearing loss.

Hearing tests are actually a group of tests that a hearing health professional will give to you. Aside from checking for signs of hearing loss, the tests will also help determine the degree of hearing loss is—whether it’s short-term issues or acute issues such as ear infections. The test can also say if you’ll need long-term assistance using a hearing aid or similar devices.

#2 – To Have a Hearing Aid Fitted

If there are evident signs of hearing loss, you’ll need to get fitted with a hearing aid so you can retain or improve your sense of hearing. A hearing health professional can help you in this regard because they will choose the best hearing aid solution for you. Some factors that will be taken into consideration are:

  • The right type of hearing aid for you
  • How often you should wear the hearing aid
  • Pointers on how to clean and maintain the hearing aid

One of the primary jobs of a hearing health professional is to give hearing aids to patients. If you get a hearing aid as prescribed to you by a hearing health professional, it’s a reassuring experience to help you live normally again.

#3 – Hearing Aid Repairs

If you’re using a hearing aid, chances are you’re wearing it most of the time. Unfortunately, part of what comes with using a hearing aid is when it sustains damage. It is an electronic device, after all.

Instead of general device technicians, you’ll need to go to a hearing health professional to fix your hearing aid. Even if your hearing aid isn’t broken, you must consult your hearing health provider for a routine check to see if there are other causes to your hearing.


A hearing health professional can do many things for you and your sense of hearing. When it comes to hearing check-ups, there are generally a few specific reasons why you should do it in the first place. Regardless, it’s still worth going for a hearing check-up appointment without delaying it or simply waiting around until you experience symptoms of hearing loss.

Hear More Associates offers free hearing tests in Lexington. We believe that everyone must have good hearing for a better life, which is why we provide various hearing care solutions to our patients. Contact us today for a consultation!

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