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Are you thinking about getting your hearing checked? That’s a good idea! If you or a loved one suspects you have hearing loss, you probably do. Most people live with hearing loss for more than five years before getting their hearing tested. If you’re wondering what goes into a hearing test, your trusted hearing consultants from the best hearing clinic share the answers to the most commonly asked questions about having one done.

1. What do I need to prepare for the test?

Preparing for your appointment with an audiologist can make the visit go more smoothly and is not that difficult. First, write down your significant medical history and list any medications and supplements you take regularly. If you have ever had an ear infection or surgery, include that on the list as well.

You will also need to be sure you don’t have an ear infection or an ear infection medication in your system, so you don’t have a distortion in the results. This can take three days, so be sure to get the drug out of your system.

You will also need to plan on getting your ears cleaned. You can do this by rinsing with a hydrogen peroxide solution in the evening before your appointment or by bringing ear wax removal drops with you.

2. Should I bring someone with me?

If you have a friend or family member who will be helping you with directions at home, bring them along. Not only that, they will be able to help you while you’re at the clinic. They can be with you during the test to answer any questions you may have.

3. Will it hurt?

It shouldn’t. The audiologist will only put the smallest of devices in your ear. The process is painless, and the equipment they use is not invasive. If you have a history of ear infections or ear problems, you may react to the materials used in the testing.

4. What should I expect from the test?

The audiologist will do several types of tests to determine your hearing loss. The first test is usually a hearing test. This is a computerized test that measures the decibels you hear. If the test is done in a quiet room, you will hear the beeps and be allowed to get a baseline before the test.

The audiologist will then play various noises into your ear. The noises will get louder, then softer, and then louder again. You will press a button on the computer to indicate when you can hear the sounds. They will also test your hearing at different frequencies and see how well you hear different pitches.

5. How long will the test take?

You should only be at the audiologist’s office for about an hour. There is some prepping before the test while you are there, but the actual test is only a short period. If you’re worried about the time, remember that every appointment is the same and that you will see the same audiologist. The time seems longer in the waiting room than the actual appointment.


Hearing loss is a serious condition that should be corrected by a hearing consultant as soon as it is detected. It is a problem that affects many people. If you or your loved one suspects you may have hearing loss, make sure you see an audiologist at the best hearing clinic  in your area as soon as possible. You will be glad you did!

Hear More Associates is a team of the best hearing specialists in Massachusetts that can help you with your hearing concerns. Contact us today so we can schedule a hearing test for you!

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