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One of the hardest things to deal with is hearing loss, so it’s essential to protect yourself from ear damage. If you are concerned about the condition of your hearing, you can easily reach out to a licensed hearing consultant and get some tests done.

Of course, the best action to take is prevention. So, how do you protect your ears from damage?

Avoid Loud Noises and Use Earplugs

As much as possible, you shouldn’t be exposing yourself to loud environments. If you can’t help it because you are near construction, parties, or busy zones, then make sure you keep a pair of earplugs to dampen the sound. They should be made of a snug but comfortable material that fits just right for your ears. If you have some issues with earwax buildup, it’s best to get earplugs for swimming, too.

Be careful not to get earplugs that are too big because they may fall out when you are working with them. You should also be wary of pushing them too far in, as you could end up hurting your ear canal with force. It’s also not a good idea to share earplugs, so make sure you have your own pair.

Avoid Extended Listening Sessions

One of the biggest problems people have with their ears is their sensitivity. So, if you play music or watch movies for extended periods, it can damage your ears. Take regular breaks to give your ears a rest, and don’t sit too close to the speakers for too long.

If you’re going to a music event or any occasion that will expose you to loud noises for an extended period, then make sure you allot time afterward for recovery. If you don’t do this, you risk damaging your ears and developing sometimes irreparable conditions.

Make Sure You Clean Your Ears Properly

This is quite important because you can’t risk any infections that could potentially damage your ears. Earwax is a natural and protective part of the ear canal, but it shouldn’t build up. If you have a buildup of earwax, then you should get rid of it and give your ears a thorough clean.

That said, you should actually avoid using cotton swabs because you could end up wounding your ear canal, and completely getting rid of earwax is still essential to protect you. The best option is to use an approved earwax cleaning solution to let it naturally loosen. You can then gently wipe around the area. If it’s really bothering you, you can get it checked for a cleaning.

Listen to Audio at a Lower Volume

No matter what device you are using, make sure you keep the volume down. A good rule of thumb is to never let the volume go higher than 60 percent.

If you are sure that you are using proper audio drivers and the like, but you still can’t hear well at volumes under the recommended level, then it may be time to get a hearing test to see if you have hearing loss.

Maintain Good Physical Activity

If you can, it’s good to stay active! A lot of ear injuries and issues come from extended periods of inactivity. Giving your ears enough blood circulation and balance can help your ear health.

Final Thoughts

Hearing loss can be very detrimental to your life if it’s not treated early. If you do find some issues, then the sooner you take action, the better you are at preventing further damage and hearing loss.

Reach out to Hear More Associates for the best hearing test in Lexington, MA. We provide services with the most trusted hearing care specialists.

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