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Hearing aids come in many different shapes and sizes, but behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are some of the most common. As their name suggests, BTE hearing aids are worn behind the ear, with a small tube that runs from the hearing aid down into the ear canal. 

BTE hearing aids are larger than other types of hearing aids, but they offer a number of advantages. Keep reading to pick up the pros and cons of BTE hearing aids.

What Are Some Pros of BTE Hearing Aids?

When it comes to BTE hearing aids, there are some clear advantages that make them a popular choice for many people with hearing loss. Here are some of the pros of BTE hearing aids:

  • Comfortable Fit. BTE hearing aids are quite comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time. They are lightweight and sit securely behind the ear, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out or becoming uncomfortable.
  • Simple Maintenance. BTE hearing aids are very easy to keep clean and maintain. Owners can simply wipe them down with a soft cloth and mild soap and water. There’s no need to put them in special cases or take them apart for cleaning.
  • Great Investment. BTE hearing aids are a great investment because they can last many years with proper care. They are also pretty durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear while coming at a reasonable price.
  • Less Feedback. Feedback is the annoying whistling sound that can sometimes occur when you wear a hearing aid. Luckily, BTE hearing aids are less likely to experience feedback than other types of hearing aids.

What Are Some Cons of BTE Hearing Aids?

BTE hearing aids are a fantastic option for people of all ages who suffer from hearing loss, but there can be a few cons to them. Some people find BTE hearing aids to be less cosmetically appealing than other types of hearing aids. The fact of the matter is that BTE hearing aids aren’t discreet.

BTE hearing aids can seem larger and more noticeable when you wear them, and they are likely to fall out during some activities, which can be a drawback for some people. It is best to connect with a hearing care specialist to find the best fit for you.

What Should You Know About Using BTE Hearing Aids?

It is important to note that BTE hearing aids require regular maintenance and cleaning. The earmold or tubing may need to be replaced periodically. Batteries need to be replaced regularly as well. BTE hearing aids are also susceptible to moisture and should be kept dry.

If you are considering using BTE hearing aids, consult with a hearing care specialist. They can help you go and pick out the right style, the correct size, and your preferred color at a reasonable price point.


There are both pros and cons to behind-the-ear hearing aids. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to use behind-the-ear hearing aids is a personal one that depends on each individual’s needs and preferences.

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