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If it is your first time wearing a hearing aid, understand that hearing aid fitting is an essential part of the process. It allows you to get the perfect-sized hearing aid, the best type, and, more importantly, one that works best for you. 

Hopefully, a fitting will be your chance to acquire a device that could possibly change your life for the better.

What Should One Expect in a Fitting?

Attending a fitting shouldn’t be something to worry about. It is a meeting where audiologists discuss the various kinds of hearing aids for you. As there are different types of hearing aids, they can tell you more about the types and tell you which one works best for your condition. It also serves as an opportunity to discuss the levels of technology in hearing aids and how much it will cost. 

During the actual fitting, audiologists will first conduct a Real Ear Measurement. This test gauges the amplification needed by your ears by inserting a small, thin tube into your ear canal. After the verification is done, it is now time to craft the hearing aid according to the patient’s needs. Here’s what you need to know and do: 

  • Research

If you’re someone who will wear a hearing aid for the first time, you might have many questions about what will happen after. Researching gives you a lot of information to answer all the questions you might have. 

Before the fitting, try to research hearing aids, mainly how they work and how they will change your life going forward. You can research online, read books, or ask your audiologist.

  • Ask

When you’re doing the fitting, it’s easy to get distracted by what’s going on. For this reason, it’s great to compile a list of questions you might want to ask the professional doing the fitting for you. 

If you have a list, you get to remember all the probable questions you have. As much as possible, ask many questions as the answers should guide you in your journey to using hearing aids.

  • Understand

What happens during a hearing aid fitting is a complex process that doesn’t happen in an instant. If you’ve never had them before, there are a lot of things that you might expect. The fitting aims to check how the hearing aid slips in your ear and to adjust it depending on how you feel best. 

It is also an opportunity to ask how to take care of your hearing aid, along with the proper removal and placement. After a fitting, all questions you might have should’ve been answered by now. That said, make sure to meet with your audiologist and don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you can.


Wearing hearing aids may be new to you for the first time, but it should not be a process to be afraid of. To clear your mind, do research, ask, and try to understand how a fitting works. In this way, you get to prepare yourself for whatever may happen during the fitting. Consulting an audiologist should help you be more enlightened about the process, what will happen after the fitting, and after wearing a hearing aid.

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