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Technology sure has come a long way, hasn’t it? With the innovations available today, those hard of hearing can now gain more clarity in listening environments thanks to hearing aids. These devices have been beneficial to the lives of those hard of hearing, offering them the ability to tune out insignificant sounds, providing help in communication, and giving them the power to deal with loud background noise.

Indeed, hearing aids have changed the game for people with hearing loss. However, just like the other devices you own, it could wear down over time—even the best hearing aids could malfunction eventually. To ensure that you can use your hearing aids for the years to come, it’s your responsibility to care for and use them properly.

Keep in mind that your new hearing aid can only help improve your quality of life if you care for it well. Of course, you will make mistakes as you go, but it helps to avoid as many as you can. If you’ve just gotten your hands on this new piece of technology, make sure to learn about the common mistakes of past new hearing aid owners so that you can avoid making them:

Putting in Your Hearing Aids Right Away

We understand the excitement about having a device that could help you with your hearing, but we don’t recommend taking them right out of the box as soon as you buy them. You may figure out the features of a smartphone as you go, but hearing aids are different.

Taking the time to learn about the features of your hearing aids is crucial to be able to use them properly and well. If you don’t carefully learn about the features of the brand and the basics of how your hearing aids work, you may not have an improved hearing experience.

To determine how to attain the cleanest sound quality and make the necessary adjustments for comfortable hearing, you must first read the included documentation and learn as much as you can. You should turn on and wear the hearing aids only after you’ve gained a general understanding of what your hearing aids can do.

Lying During the Hearing Test

When you step into the hearing clinic for your test, the first thing to remember is to be completely honest. Lying about your level of hearing loss won’t help anyone—you may end up having a difficult time with your hearing aid when the analysis is far from the truth.

If you think you weren’t as honest during the hearing test, contact your hearing specialist as soon as you can and ask to be retested. When you’re honest about your level and type of hearing loss, only then will you be provided with a hearing aid style that suits you best.

Assuming You’ll Instantly Have Improved Hearing

Just like how your feet need to get used to new shoes or your eyes have to adapt to the lenses and the shape of your frame, you should expect your hearing to adjust slowly to the hearing aids.

Many have the assumption that your hearing will suddenly improve once you wear the hearing aids, but that’s not how it works. Your ears will need some time to adapt, so don’t get impatient or give up. To adjust quickly to your new hearing aids, make sure to be consistent—fight the urge to take them out, but make a mental note if you ever feel uncomfortable.


Your hearing aids can only help you if you know how to use and care for them. When you don’t do things right the first time, your device won’t be as valuable as it can be, and your adjustment time will be slowed considerably. Make sure to avoid these mistakes and work with an experienced hearing specialist to have an improved hearing experience.

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