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One of the worst things to experience is difficulty in hearing. It can be very stressful to notice that people are talking to you and you can’t seem to hear. Whether it’s the background noise in a cafe, conversations around you, or sounds of cutlery, failing to absorb all of these things can be scary.

If you are noticing that you are losing your hearing whenever you are in a crowded place, here are some things you should note on how to check hearing loss.

Hearing Loss and Background Noise

It’s common for people with hearing loss to notice that the background noise becomes amplified whenever they are in a crowded place. You might feel like you are fighting to hear all the things going on around you, or you might feel like you are trying to listen to a conversation that is impossible to hear.

It’s very common to have difficulty understanding what people are saying, and this particular symptom can make you feel like there is a problem with your hearing. It feels as if the sounds are being drowned out or that it’s impossible to hear in the first place.

Background noise is a problem for hearing loss, but you can take steps to overcome this.

Causes of Hearing Loss in Crowded Places

There are many reasons you might be experiencing hearing loss in crowded places. The most common reasons include:

1. Thinner Hair Cells in the Ear

One of the most common reasons people with hearing loss struggle to hear in a crowded place is because their hair cells in the ear have been damaged. The hair cells are what allow the sound to reach your brain.

The longer your hair cells have been exposed to loud noises, the more likely they will be damaged.

2. Ear Damage

Another reason you might notice that you are losing your hearing in crowded places is that your ear is damaged. When this happens, your ear can’t focus on what you want it to hear. The eardrum might be damaged, or the bones in your ear might be damaged or dislocated. This can be very painful, but hearing loss is something that you can only notice.

3. Lower Frequency Problems

Some people notice that they struggle to hear specific frequencies. They might struggle to hear low frequencies, or they might struggle to hear high frequencies. It’s very common to have difficulty when there is a range of sounds hitting your ears at once, and you might find that you listen more to the sounds that you can hear more clearly.

4. Signal-to-Noise Ratio

One of the most typical reasons people with hearing loss notice that they struggle to hear in a crowded place is that the signal-to-noise ratio is too bad.

Your brain can focus on one sound over another, depending on the noise levels. If the noise is too loud, you might have difficulty focusing on one sound over another. It feels as if the sound is drowned out, or you are trying to listen to an impossible conversation.

How Audiologists Can Help with Hearing Loss

If you are struggling with hearing loss in a crowded place, you should talk to your audiologist about it. They can conduct hearing tests to see how much of a hearing loss you have and how it affects you. Additionally, they can provide you with a hearing device to help you hear in crowded places.

Final Thoughts

If you notice that you are struggling to hear in crowded places, you must take steps to improve your hearing. You should talk to your audiologist about hearing loss, and they will be able to help you choose the right hearing device for you.

Learn more about your ear health by working with the best hearing specialists at Hear More Associates. Determine whether you have hearing loss and how to solve it by booking a free hearing test in Massachusetts today. We serve Lexington, Greater Boston, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

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