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When an older person refuses to get or use hearing aids, it can be quite stressful on family and friends who are trying to support them. Everyone around them finds it difficult to communicate with them, yet they remain defiant or uninformed to create a problem for themselves. At family reunions, it becomes much more apparent. The elderly individual may struggle to hear what others are saying and speak at a louder volume than necessary. Over time, your patience may wear thin and resentment may build.

You’d think that if you couldn’t hear very well, you’d want to seek some assistance. But, even though it may seem to be straightforward enough, older adults often show some resistance. There are many reasons why parents, or even colleagues and acquaintances, may not be aware that their hearing is deteriorating as they approach or beyond the age of 65 or older. The all-too-common denial of aging may very well be the culprit.

Why Many Older People Hate Hearing Aids

Aside from the inability to accept their age, hearing aids involve the discomfort of getting used to having a gadget in your ear for hours at a time. Some people experience itching or an uncomfortable sensation as a result of it. Background noise has the potential to be distorted. However, if the older person recognizes that their hearing loss is a hardship on people who care about them, this might be a persuasive argument to urge them to get their hearing checked. The findings of tests might be compelling.

Recognize that acquiring any gadget may be difficult for the older person to accept, but continue to push for this change if at all possible. It has an impact on their safety as well as your degree of irritation. Fortunately, there are always technological advancements in the industry that are allowing those who are hard of hearing to take advantage of equipment that is more discreet, performs better, and is more affordable.

How to Help Your Loved One Get Through the Challenges of Hearing Loss

  • Assemble a group of your loved one’s irritated family members and gently explain that hearing loss is something you and your family have observed. You may even express some sadness that you are struggling to communicate with them. Many will find the desire to communicate effectively a compelling reason to try hearing devices.
  • Consider offering to take your loved one to the hearing clinic to have their hearing evaluated. People who have difficulty hearing tend to withdraw from social situations and might feel unhappy and alone due to their difficulties hearing. They may even fear for their safety if they go alone.
  • Purchase an amplifier for your elderly folks’ phones. Hearing aids for the deaf are available for free to those who have a doctor’s certification. Text-connected displays may also help those who have considerable hearing loss communicate more effectively over the phone.
  • Suggest that you have your hearing checked. If hearing aids are advised, do your homework ahead of time to determine where to go and how much it will cost. Make an offer to assist if the expense is a hardship.

Final Thoughts

Hearing aids are incredible pieces of technology that are life changing for those who are hard of hearing. However, they don’t come without their challenges. Some individuals who have to wear them all day may find them unpleasant because of their peculiarities and the fact that they need frequent battery replacements. When an elderly loved one can hear better again, it is a huge comfort for the individuals involved in their lives. Additionally, it is likely to have a positive difference in the lives of your loved one immediately.

Hear More Associates can help you care for anyone in the family that is struggling with hearing health. With our reliable and best hearing consultants in Massachusetts, you can be assured that any concern will be addressed with care. Come in for a consultation today! 

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