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You may encounter a variety of new feelings and observations when you first start wearing hearing aids. Because hearing loss is sometimes left untreated for up to ten years, there are a lot of new sounds to get used to while adjusting to hearing aids. 

While it’s exhilarating to hear (or rediscover) previously unheard noises, it’s also natural to be concerned.

But, for the time being, go over some of the concerns you might have as you adjust to your new hearing aids in Londonderry and what you can do about them.

Cackling Hearing Aids 

The microphone picking up noise may be stronger when hearing aids are pushed to their greatest volume setting. The best hearing aid screaming can be reduced by simply turning down the volume unless there’s a specific need for it to be enhanced.

Wearing a cap or hugging someone can cause your hearing aids to whistle or beep for a brief period. Hearing aid feedback might also happen if your glasses touch against your hearing aids. This occurs because noises coming from proximity to the hearing aids are picked up louder than those coming from further away.

Distinguishable Changes to Voice

You may observe that your voice sounds different with your new hearing aids than it would without them as you become used to them. Because your voice is one of the sounds magnified by your new device, this is to be expected. 

If your hearing aid occupies a substantial section of the ear canal, the sound of your speech will be distorted, much as if your ears were plugged. This is known as the “occlusion effect,” While it may seem strange at first, getting used to hearing aids doesn’t have to take a long time; it usually happens quickly.

Try speaking or reading aloud to yourself in a quiet location if you need further help getting acclimated to the sound of your voice. The easier it will be to adjust if you can hear yourself converse while wearing your equipment. If the problem persists, ask your provider for more hearing aid advice.

Disturbing Background Noises 

Because you’re not used to hearing subtle background noise, it may take some time to reacquaint yourself with it. Traffic outside your house, background conversations when chatting with a friend, or even the sound of the air conditioner running can all feel unusual and uncomfortable when wearing hearing aids.

The great news is that it’s a completely natural sensation that will pass. Consider switching to hearing aids as if you were switching from a dark room to a bright one. You’ll probably want to squint or close your eyes at first, but you’ll quickly relax.

If you use hearing aids regularly, you’ll gradually learn to focus on the most significant noises in your environment while ignoring the less important ones.

Extremely Loud Sounds 

While it’s unavoidable that hearing aids amplify certain noises, it’s critical to ensure that they’re set to a comfortable volume level. Hearing aids are custom-programmed to match your specific pattern of hearing loss, resulting in sounds that are exactly appropriate for your ears. 

Hearing a noise at a higher volume than usual may feel strange or overwhelming at first and even unsettling. After days or weeks of getting adjusted to your new hearing aids, you’ll have a decent notion of ideal for your ears and what sound level feels comfortable. 

Everyone’s timing is different, but you’ll most likely notice the difference when it happens.


Knowing the difference between troubles that are simply a natural part of adjusting to life with a hearing aid and those that may necessitate a visit to a hearing clinic can save you time, money and, most importantly, maintain your hearing in good shape.

Hear More Associates has skilled hearing care specialists that can assist people in identifying and treating their hearing problems. Contact us if you’re looking for the top hearing aids in Londonderry.

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