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Hearing aids help people improve their hearing and speech comprehension. Thanks to this piece of technology, people with hearing impairments have more options regarding their condition. However, every person’s hearing incapacity is unique. So if you are wondering whether you need to get a pair or only one hearing aid, it all depends on many factors. 

This article will enumerate the scenarios when having two hearing aids is necessary and when having just one piece would be enough. Note, though, that having two hearing aids would be the recommended set-up in most cases. You should also remember that one hearing aid would never be a replacement for two.

When Do You Need a Pair of Hearing Aid?

Your ears are meant to function as a pair. Therefore, if you have problems hearing on both sides, you need to get a pair of hearing aids to address it. Here are the scenarios when getting two hearing aids is the best option for you. 

  • Your Brain Needs Help in Recognizing Sound Locations

Hearing is not only about identifying sounds. Your brain also needs to know where these sounds are coming from. This is why people have two ears. The brain identifies the source and location of a sound by making an unconscious note of which ear was hit by the sound waves first.

Both ears make hearing and recognizing the details of the sound more convenient for the brain. But before the brain can create such associations, it needs to get input from the two ears first. 

Distinguishing sources of sound can be difficult with just one ear. It may make everyday situations complicated or even dangerous. One important example is driving. 

  • You Want to Preserve Your Hearing

The best hearing aids help these ears work normally. If you have damaged hearing for both ears and only provide one support for one ear, the other ear would eventually lose its ability to discern sounds due to misuse. If both ears have hearing aids, their muscles will get exercised daily and maintain their functionalities. 

  • You Want to Have Focus When in a Discussion

Sounds are everywhere. Having only one ear properly working means you could miss out on other sounds that the other cannot receive. If you want to understand a conversation better without missing any crucial details, hearing aids for both ears could help you manage it. 

  • You Are Using a Modern Pair of Hearing Aids

Most upgraded and modern pairs of hearing aids today are created to work as a pair, imitating how ears naturally function. If you plan to get one of these new technologies, expect to get them in pairs. 

When Do You Need Only One Hearing Aid?

There are special cases when the patient needs only one hearing aid, and here are some of those accepted situations:

  • Your Hearing in Other Ear is Still in Good Condition

A hearing aid is not needed if your other ear is still working perfectly. Only a hearing professional can determine the health status of your ears based on the test results, so it would be best if the recommendation to use only one hearing aid would also come from them.

  • You Need More Time to Save Up

Of course, hearing aids are not cheap for everyone. Some people might need extra time to save enough money to get the other pair. In situations like this, one hearing aid is better than not having one at all, but make sure to aim for a complete pair to make your hearing smoother and more comfortable for you. 


The end goal of getting hearing aids is to help you live life without any restrictions. When both your ears can function well, you can fully enjoy hearing all the sounds, stories, music, and everything there is to hear in the world. You would not have difficulty making conversations and reacting to situations. You would also save yourself from inconveniences and danger. 

If you require hearing aids, make sure to get the best hearing aids available to meet your necessities. Hear More Associates can help you choose the hearing aids appropriate for you. We have over 30 years of combined experience with five convenient office locations. We also offer a free hearing test for those in need. Just fill out the contact form on our site or call us today at 781-863-8282!

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