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Wearing hearing aids is one of the best methods to assist your child with hearing loss. Your child can benefit greatly from hearing aids by receiving sounds they would otherwise miss.

Although there is evidence that hearing aids can benefit children with hearing loss, they may find it difficult to adjust to these devices. Your youngster could frequently remove their hearing aid from their ears or complain that it hurts. You want what’s best for your child’s growth, regardless of the cause.

Here are some suggestions for assisting your youngster in getting used to using hearing aids.

The Right Fit

Your child may be reluctant to use hearing aids because they cause them to experience discomfort in their ears. Hearing aids should fit comfortably and securely in the ear. You should see your audiologist if your child’s hearing aids are causing red markings or pain. Hearing aids may be adjusted to precisely match your child’s ear structure.

Give Them Time

Wearing hearing aids constantly might be a huge adjustment for a youngster who has never worn them before. Encourage your child to use their hearing aids for short periods first and gradually increase this over time rather than wear them constantly. 

In this manner, people may gradually become acclimated to wearing hearing aids and hearing various noises at a volume that doesn’t seem too overpowering.

Making It Fun

Doing fun activities are another way to help your youngster get used to their hearing aids. Try allowing your child to wear their hearing aids when engaging in enjoyable activities, and then gradually extend the duration until they are wearing them all day. This will make using the hearing aids less daunting and more enjoyable.

Creating a Routine

A regular schedule helps children flourish. Hearing aids should be part of your child’s morning ritual, like brushing teeth. This can help your child develop the habit of inserting their hearing aids into their ears daily, even if they don’t use them all day.

Giving Them Rewards

Consider praising your youngster for wearing their hearing aids every time. This could take the form of a modest treat or a fun activity. Your child will continue to develop the habit of wearing their gadgets daily if you positively reinforce them.

Keeping the Hearing Aid Secure

Consider using hearing retainers or a headband to keep the device in place if your kid is having trouble keeping it on because they are highly busy.

On the other hand, there are a few things you may do if your child seems to be removing them from the house because they are uncomfortable or too loud:

  • Before trying to insert the earmolds, briefly warm them in your palms. They become softer and comfier as a result.
  • If you think the hearing aids are too loud, check the settings.
  • If issues continue, get in touch with their audiologist.

Your child will need some time to use hearing aids daily. Offering them prizes throughout that procedure is quite acceptable. If kids wear their gadgets for a particular period, consider items like stickers, food, or tiny toys. Also, thank them for continuing to wear their hearing aids. These positive reinforcements have a lot of potential benefits.


Getting children used to wearing hearing aids can be a challenge, but there are some things that parents can do to help. It is essential to explain to the child why they need to wear hearing aids and what they can expect.

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