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Perhaps you’ve already noticed something has changed in how you hear things. You might have difficulty conversing with someone else, or you may have raised the volume of your music or TV, which was unlikely before. You might suffer from hearing loss if you experience this and more.

But before you panic, you need to know whether your hearing loss could be temporary or permanent. Let’s explore some types of hearing loss and what they entail.

Common Types of Hearing Loss

There are many types of hearing loss, and they can either be temporary or permanent. Here are some common types you may experience:

  1. Conductive Hearing Loss: This type of hearing loss is caused by a problem with the external or the middle ear. Conductive hearing loss is related to the eardrum and the bones in the middle ear. 

Hearing becomes muffled or distorted if the eardrum is not functioning as expected. If conductive hearing loss is not treated, it can result in a complication called otitis media (OM) or middle-ear infection. Conductive hearing loss is treatable and usually temporary.

  1. Sensorineural Hearing Loss: This type of hearing loss is due to a problem with the inner ear or the nerve that carries sound signals to the brain. It’s a common issue that occurs due to many factors and is usually permanent.
  2. Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: If you hear a sudden loud sound, such as an explosion, you may experience hearing loss. Noise-induced hearing loss is generally temporary and corrects itself after a few hours. However, prolonged exposure to loud noises can lead to permanent hearing loss.
  3. Age-related Hearing Loss: As we age, our senses decline, and hearing loss is common among older adults. While this is permanent, it’s best to seek treatment right away to slow the sense’s deterioration.

How Long Does Temporary Hearing Loss Last?

Depending on the cause, it lasts from a few days to a couple of years. When you experience temporary hearing loss, your ears become plugged by the swelling caused by the pressure of the middle ear. That causes the pressure in the middle ear to go up and causes the eardrum to bulge.

The temporary hearing loss can be triggered by a cold that causes the mucus membranes to swell. Sudden exposure to excessive noise can also cause it, lasting for a few days.

Tips on Treating Temporary Hearing Loss

There is no specific way of treating temporary hearing loss, but there are some things that you can do to treat it.

  • Receive medical treatment: If you have hearing loss, it is best to have a medical examination and get the treatment you need.
  • Stay indoors: You can avoid further injury to your ear by staying indoors. You can avoid going to loud places.
  • Use ear ices: Put ice on the back of your neck to relieve the pain that comes with a temporary hearing loss.
  • Use decongestant: These drugs help clear your sinuses and prevent your ears from swelling.
  • Use ear plugs: You can use ear plugs to avoid further injury.
  • Stay hydrated: Bring water bottles with you when you are out.
  • Get rest: You can have a good sleep to reduce the swelling of the eardrum.


If you have hearing difficulties, it is best to have an ENT examine you to determine the cause of your hearing loss. They will review your medical history and ask you about your hearing ability. They will be able to determine if there has been any damage to your ear and thus suggest the needed treatments.

If a viral infection causes hearing loss, your ENT will prescribe the necessary medication for the condition; if loud noises cause it, your ENT will recommend you reduce the volume of the noise.

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