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Each person’s hearing loss is distinct, and some individuals require the assistance of a hearing aid. The extent to which your hearing loss affects you is determined by the severity of your hearing loss and other circumstances unique to your situation. 

You may have grown acclimated to hearing loss as a result of increasing hearing loss. However, you must determine what level of hearing loss warrants the assistance of hearing aids. If you’re unsure whether you have hearing loss, educate yourself on its level and how hearing aids can assist you. 

Read on to discover what you need to know about hearing loss and using hearing aids.

Is Your Hearing Normal?

Hearing in the normal range means an individual can readily hear slight whispering or the rustle of leaves in the breeze. As is the case with persons who have difficulty hearing or are experiencing deafness, they could struggle in noisy environments when voices are drowned out.

The Different Levels of Hearing Loss

Mild Level

With minor hearing loss or mild deafness, the hum of electrical equipment or folks whispering or muttering can already be difficult to hear. Meanwhile, conversations between one or two individuals could still be easily audible. 

Moderate Level

Daily hearing problems are caused by mild hearing loss. Even in quiet environments, it’s challenging to follow conversations and comprehend words when you can’t see the face of the person you’re speaking with. Talking on the phone, as well as listening, will be challenging. Because of this, you may grow increasingly irritable, frustrated, and withdrawn.

When your ear no longer works effectively in various listening situations, a hearing aid can amplify sounds at a variety of levels and pitches. You’ll feel more at ease and less exhausted as a result of this assisted listening method.

Severe Level

Unless you wear a hearing aid, you will be unable to hear others with severe hearing loss. You will not hear the phone ring, the doorbell, or the television, as well as the majority of other sounds. 

So if you have severe hearing loss, a powerful hearing aid will be quite beneficial. It can assist you with following discussions and interacting with others in a hearing setting. Bear in mind that group discussions, noisy circumstances, and telephone use may still be challenging, so consider developing lip-reading abilities to assist you.

Profound Level

When it comes to profound loss of hearing, a loud sound from a chainsaw, lawnmower, or airplane may be the only sound heard. 

A hearing aid enables you to detect a broader spectrum of loud sounds, which improves your safety. However, even the most powerful hearing aids cannot always provide sufficient loudness and clarity to hear and understand what others are saying. 

You may also need to consider a cochlear implant, lip-reading, or sign language to communicate with others.

Understanding Your Own Loss of Hearing

Your hearing loss should always be seen in the context of your unique lifestyle and background. Hearing loss, in general, can have consequences and negligible effects on your life. Your age, job duties, personality, interests, social life, and familial environment, among other factors, will all influence how you experience hearing loss.


More than anything, this type of health problem is about being aware of what to do in the event of hearing loss. Understanding your hearing loss its impact on your life enables you to make informed choices and seek solutions. Don’t let yourself suffer in silence, and seek medical assistance so that you may be able to re-establishing contact with the world of sound.

If you’re looking for hearing aids in Massachusetts, Hear More Associates is a professional organization comprised of the region’s most respected hearing care specialists. With a comprehensive selection of hearing solutions, we guarantee to beat any other hearing care package available. Schedule an appointment today!

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