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Hearing aids can keep you safer, more engaged to others around you, and more connected to your gadgets when you are exercising. Giving your hearing aids the same attention you give your other exercise gear can help them last longer.

Many newbie hearing aid users fear that hearing aids would limit their freedom to move or do physically demanding activities. Even experienced hearing aid users are concerned about how they can keep playing their favorite activities safely and efficiently.

Thankfully, today’s hearing aids are more robust and resilient against moisture and dirt than older models. With a little care and forethought, you can wear them throughout exercises, making them more enjoyable and safer.

Here are some of the best advantages of using hearing aids during workout sessions: 

1. Comfort and Safety

Even if you aren’t playing at a competitive level, wearing your hearing unit during a workout can be as much a matter of personal safety as anything else. Clear hearing enables you to be safer and more aware of your environment. Whether you’re exercising in a gym or biking outdoors, you need to be able to hear what is going around you. 

2. Clear Communication

It’s crucial to communicate well with teammates on the court or on the field. And, spending time at the gym can be as much a communal event as an exercise. In spite of the background noise, your hearing aids will make it simpler to catch up with your gym pals or listen to your exercise teacher with less difficulty.

3. Better Connectivity

Music inspires many individuals to work out. The best hearing aids nowadays are easily connected to your phone. With your hearing aids on, you may power through your exercise music while listening to your favorite music.

How to Preserve the Life of Your Hearing Aids

1. Use Sweat Covers for Better Protection

Not all hearing aid models are waterproof, and even those that are still receive wear and tear from sweat and other moisture. These fluids can harm hearing aids and increase the likelihood of replacement, so you need to wear a bit of protection. A sweatband might help, but also a specific hearing aid covering to keep moisture away.

After use, dry your hearing aids after exercise with a towel, dehumidifier, or electric drying box to keep them in excellent working order. Inspect them regularly for any damage, including symptoms of wear, discoloration, or residue buildup.

2. Secure Your Hearing Aids

Keeping hearing aids in place while exercising is a common problem, especially for joggers or aerobics fans. With a little care and forethought, you can wear your hearing aids during your exercise routines, making them more enjoyable and safer. Avoid losing your hearing aids by using a tight headband, helmet, or hearing aid clip or lanyard.

3. Post-exercise Hearing Aid Care

Cleaning away moisture from your hearing aids after your workout using an alcohol-based wipe to remove skin oils and sweat is one technique to keep your hearing aids in good working order. Before re-inserting your hearing aids, wash your ears thoroughly to remove any wax or dirt that may have formed. If the hearing aids aren’t working as well as before, see your doctor.


You can still stay active even with hearing loss. Optimize your use of hearing aids by incorporating them even in your most physical activities, like exercising or going to the gym. The majority of hearing aid users reveal that wearing hearing aids during sporting activities didn’t become burdensome at all. About 40 percent of them say using hearing aids makes sports more enjoyable. 

Just remember to inform the exercise facilities you go to that you are wearing a hearing aid, which means music that’s too loud can cause hearing damage for you. You can also get a different hearing aid with the right settings when going to these locations.

In order to learn more about how to get the most out of your hearing aids, contact us at Hear More Associates, the best hearing clinic in the greater Boston area, helping you make the most informed and intelligent decision regarding your hearing care needs. Get your free hearing test today!

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