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Hearing aids cause hearing loss—do you believe this? It may sound unbelievable because hearing aids are supposed to help you hear better, but why do some people say it causes hearing loss? Let’s explore here. 

No, It Doesn’t Cause Hearing Loss

The quick and straightforward answer to this is that no, hearing aids don’t cause hearing loss, yet there are reports that they do. The misconception stems from a trick of perception. 

A person who experiences hearing loss waits 7-10 years before they seek help. Therefore, their hearing ability has worsened during that time that they don’t realize they start to perceive the gradual hearing loss to be their normal. 

Hearing Aids for the First Time

The moment you use a hearing aid, the first few weeks will be somehow unnerving as you get used to the volume and clarity of sounds. Your brain adjusts to and learns to recognize the new normal level of your hearing ability. That’s when you start to recognize your hearing loss when you are not wearing the device. 

It’s All About the Right Fit

Another misconception about hearing aids is that they can compromise the eardrums. The truth is, as long as you have the right fit and the device is programmed correctly, there won’t be any issues. 

Hearing aids amplify and process sounds, and the right fit of hearing aids won’t be loud enough to do any harm. 

During the fitting process, a professional will program the device based on the level of your hearing loss. With this, the level of amplification and sound processing is enough to allow you to hear naturally. 

In case the hearing aids are too loud during the rehabilitation period, you can have them adjusted. This is because when the hearing aid is programmed to amplify frequencies that you can already hear well, it could be dangerous for you in the future. 

Furthermore, when the hearing aid doesn’t fit you well, it can compromise your hearing. That’s when there’s a possibility of your hearing getting compromised. For example, if the hearing aid is set to be louder than necessary, it can cause noise damage. Oftentimes, this happens when you buy the hearing aid online. 

Remember, your hearing aid must be programmed by a professional with you in person. Moreover, the Personal Sound Amplifier (PSAPs) shouldn’t be used to help with hearing loss. Instead, they’re designed to help those without hearing loss hear quiet noises better. With that, they’re not substitutes for hearing aids. 


Now that we have helped set the record straight when it comes to hearing loss and hearing aids, it’s essential you have your ears checked when you notice significant hearing loss. Sure, it may not be bothersome at first, which is why many people can put it off, but this can have more adverse effects on your hearing. It’s crucial to go to a professional when you notice the signs of hearing loss. Your quality of life can be compromised when you can’t hear well. So, get your hearing aids today!

Get a free hearing test in Lexington here at Hear More Associates. You can trust us to give you the best solutions to help you hear better! We serve patients throughout Lexington and Greater Boston, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.


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