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People usually undergo a hearing test when they feel something might be wrong with their hearing. However, most people do not know that hearing problems are not easily noticeable. As such, they may only recognize symptoms when the condition already worsens or when it is already a condition that can no longer be prevented. When it comes to hearing concerns, you must get them diagnosed as early as possible or they could affect your speech and language, social skills, and more. 

Keep in mind that hearing tests should be done regularly. In this article, we will share everything you need to know about getting your hearing tested:

When to Have Your Hearing Tested

As mentioned, people get their hearing tested whenever they feel like something is wrong with it. They either start to notice a ringing in their ears or encounter difficulties while making conversations. However, these are not the only best times to have the ears checked. 

In general, people encounter a decrease in hearing when they get older or over 50. But besides it being a natural occurrence, most hearing problems in this age range could result from factors or causes that occurred beforehand. When a person suffers from high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or is always exposed to loud noise, their hearing could eventually be affected. 

To prevent this, you should have your hearing checked at least once every year, starting from the age of 21. Even if you feel like you are completely fine in this area, it still helps to check and recognize signs of problems as early as possible!

Where to Get a Hearing Test

Specialized clinics for hearing are the best place to get your hearing checked, such as with Hear More Associates. Your hearing specialist will perform various hearing exams to look for signs of hearing loss. Through these tests, they could also inform you of what your hearing thresholds are. If you continue to do this throughout the years, they could quickly notify you if they recognize any situation changes. 

Suppose you already feel the symptoms of a hearing problem; your hearing specialist would then find the correct diagnosis for your situation. As soon as the problem is apparent, they will recommend the best solution to help you go through with it. 

Why Have Your Hearing Checked

Hearing problems would not only result in difficulty in hearing. Unfortunately, it could also affect other aspects of your life. Over time, it can lead to depression, cognitive decline, and even fatigue. Do not let it be a burden in living your everyday life. So, make sure to take care of your hearing by regularly visiting a hearing specialist!


Hearing is an everyday function that is vital to people’s lives. It allows them to socialize and communicate with others and take part in conversations. If you want to keep your hearing good for a long time, make sure that you also have it checked once in a while, especially when you notice hearing loss symptoms. Look for the best hearing clinic or best hearing specialists to ensure that no problem occurs any time soon. 

If you need a hearing test in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Greater Boston, you may visit us at Hear More Associates. We have over 30 years of combined experience with five convenient office locations and a good reputation in the field. We also offer a free hearing test for those in need. Just fill out the contact form on our site or call us today at 781-863-8282!

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