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People of all ages can suffer from hearing loss, though it is most commonly seen among the elderly. Arthritis and high blood pressure are usually the first issues seniors worry about, but they may also need assistance with their hearing. As you age, you may experience hearing loss, too. It is more commonly seen among young adults, but it can strike anyone at any time. 

Hearing loss means you might miss out on more than you think.

Thankfully, with the advancement of modern technology, hearing aids have come to the forefront. The experience is then more comfortable for a person who previously had hear loss. That said, before getting a hearing aid, a good rule of thumb is get a hearing test first.

Why Get A Hearing Test In the First Place? 

Thankfully, there are usually ways to address and treat hearing loss. That said, you need to figure out if you have a hearing loss before an audiologist can prescribe the right solutions. Taking a hearing test is a great way to determine whether you have hearing loss or not. The test will help an audiologist to figure out if you need treatment and what treatment you need.

It’s Time To Get A Hearing Test If Readjusting For Better Hearing Is Frequent

If you put your hand on one ear to focus on conversation, or hold your hand up to block out background noise, you may have hearing loss in that ear. These strategies may be beneficial in the near term, but continuous degradation of your hearing is likely to reach a point where that won’t help at all.

It’s Time To Get A Hearing Test If Ringing Doorbells, Alarms, or Phones Aren’t Immediately Evident

Is it that you don’t hear specific pitches and tones, or do you just not understand them?  Missed phone calls, unexpected guests, alarms going off, and all sorts of other things can cause problems. If you are having any of these issues, it may be a sign of hearing loss.

It’s Time To Get A Hearing Test If Someone Else In the Family Has Hearing Loss

Patients should be aware that if their family members experience hearing loss, they are likely to develop the problem themselves. Identifying the problem early will go a long way in preventing permanent hearing loss.

It’s Time To Get A Hearing Test If Speech Is Hard to Understand

If you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves because you can’t hear them properly, you may be losing your hearing. However, it may just be that the person is mumbling. If you have to ask several people several times because they mumble, then you should see if your hearing is okay.

When background noise makes understanding speech from a person’s mouth even harder, you should take a trip to the audologist as soon as possible.


Hearing loss is a serious matter should be addressed immediately. A good starting point is getting a hearing test done. Signs to get said test already include speech being hard to understand and frequent readjusting to hear people better.

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