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A lot of factors influence hearings tests, especially their frequency. If you suspect that you’re susceptible to loss of hearing or if you are experiencing hearing loss, then it might be time to get a specialized check-up. 

Your hearing is a significant part of your existence, so it only follows to take good care of it. That said, keep reading to discover and learn more—here’s everything you need to know about hearing tests:

The Testing vs. The Screening

Hearing loss symptoms are evaluated when there is enough suspicion that you have hearing loss. With the help of your healthcare practitioner, you can assess your condition through a screening process or a full test. 

Hearing loss is frequently detected during screening. Screening is often faster and easier than testing, such as our online hearing exam. If you work in a noisy environment, you may be forced to take a hearing test. 

On the other hand, professionals may require you to enter a sound-treated booth where your hearing levels are measured and plotted on an audiogram. This is referred to as a “full hearing exam.”

Encountering the Loss of Hearing

If you have already been diagnosed with hearing loss, you should undergo frequent hearing tests as agreed upon with your hearing care practitioner. 

If you have hearing loss, you should constantly keep a careful eye on it and check if you notice any changes. This is because hearing loss is a chronic illness that worsens with time. 

Small changes, on the other hand, can happen and go unnoticed. Nonetheless, such a condition should be regularly assessed.

Using Hearing Aids

Keep in mind that hearing aids must also be assessed. Please be aware that if you use hearing aids, they will need to be adjusted over time. If your hearing loss has advanced from mild to severe, or if your current pair is old and ineffective, you may need a new pair. 

Hearing aids typically last between three and seven years. Moreover, if you have cochlear implants or a bone-anchored hearing device, consult your hearing care professional to establish how regularly you should have your hearing tested.

Hearing Assessment for Various Age Groups

Routine hearing screening may be conducted on neonates, babies, children, teens, adults, and seniors. However, hearing tests are recommended every few years for adults over 60 and workers who are subjected to noise levels above 85 decibels (dB). 

These individual patients should get a baseline hearing test as well as follow-up exams every few years to rule out age-related or work-related hearing loss.

The Negative Impact of Hearing Loss 

Hearing loss has a significant impact on almost every aspect of your life, including your brain’s health, as it has been linked to rapid cognitive decline. 

As a result, we recommend early detection to avoid developing such a condition or to manage symptoms. Hearing aids, on the other hand, provide numerous health benefits.


Because hearing loss is a critical condition that could affect your life and the people around you, it’s imperative to seek immediate professional assistance. If you have hearing loss and do not fit into any of the above categories but believe your hearing is abnormal, make an appointment to evaluate it. 

Certain medicines and medical disorders can cause hearing loss, even in middle-aged people and young adults. If you experience a sudden loss of hearing in one ear, consider it a medical emergency and seek emergency aid.

If you’re looking for a free hearing test in Lexington, Hear More Associates is a professional organization comprised of the region’s most respected hearing care specialists. With a comprehensive selection of hearing solutions, we guarantee to beat any other hearing care package available. Schedule an appointment today!

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