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The use of earbuds has increased in popularity, especially among teens, in the last few years. Earbuds offer wireless listening and improved sound quality, making them the best option for convenience. Unfortunately, however, people often abuse earbuds and end up damaging their ears due to excessive use. But are earbuds proven to cause hearing loss? 

Studies have shown that earbuds, indeed, contribute to hearing loss. However, stating that it is the only reason is fallacious. Other factors, such as listening to music at high volumes for long periods can also contribute to hearing loss. So the question now is, how do you prevent hearing loss from getting worse?

The Continued Use of Earbuds

Despite the alarming contribution of earbuds to hearing loss, people still continuously use them because they are practical. Earbuds give you the freedom to listen to music or make calls, even with noise around you. It is even more convenient now since many of them are wireless. They are often designed to isolate the audio from the outside world and amplify the tracks for better listening.

However, these points are precisely the reason earbuds are dangerous for constant use. Using devices directly in your ear for extended periods with maxed-out volumes contributes to hearing loss. If left unaddressed, this habit may cause irreparable damage to your hearing.

How is Sound Dangerous?

On average, the standard hearing threshold is around 25 decibels (dB). Once it exceeds 85 dB, sound becomes dangerous to people. In comparison, listening to music using earbuds to block out background noise quickly goes beyond 100 dB—above the danger zones. 

If you’re in a noisy environment, chances are you lose the sense of what’s loud and quiet. That makes you turn up the volume more than what’s required. Even if the music doesn’t seem too loud for you, it may be very harmful to your ears.

Steps to Preven Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Preventing hearing loss is as easy as becoming aware of how loud your music is. It also helps to be proactive about your hearing health. Using earbuds to listen to music is not a terrible decision as long as you keep things moderated.

The first step is to keep your volumes below 85 dB, which is the maximum threshold for volumes. Instead of using earbuds, why not switch to headphones? Over-ear headphones can still give you that excellent listening experience without damaging your ears. 

In addition, since the sound does not bounce directly to your eardrum, there is a better chance of avoiding sound-related issues. Lastly, use headphones that are noise-canceling. Canceling outside noise allows you to listen to the music at lower volumes.

In Conclusion

Don’t let your love for music falter because of hearing loss. All you have to do is understand your limits and responsibilities. Hearing loss affects many people in the worst way, but don’t let that happen to you too. Be self-aware and visit ear specialists regularly to ensure your hearing is healthy.

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