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Dedicated hearing care provides a better quality of life for those who are hard of hearing. Many people benefit from state-of-the-art solutions such as hearing aids, helping them regain what they’ve lost. 

Fortunately, there is now more importance being placed on hearing care. For instance, President Biden signed an executive order allowing hearing aids to be sold over the counter at drug stores, further expanding people’s access to hearing care. More accessible access to hearing aids also intends to lower the cost of hearing care eventually. 

However, a question lies on whether or not over-the-counter products can match the expertise of a hearing specialist in Massachusetts. Despite the release of hearing aids at drug stores, will it still be necessary to schedule an appointment with an audiologist? 

The short answer is yes. Before you purchase an OTC hearing aid, you must see a hearing specialist first. Here are the reasons why you should still visit a hearing consultant: 

1. Specialization 

Nothing beats expert advice, especially if it comes to specific hearing care. Hearing specialists have all the knowledge, training, and experience to evaluate your condition and provide you with the best hearing aid for your needs. 

After all, each person has individual needs, which means an accurate assessment for hearing loss is needed to obtain the right pair of hearing aids for treatment. OTC products may not accommodate your unique communication needs without the proper diagnosis. 

2. Custom Fit

Consulting a hearing specialist also allows you to indicate your preferences to support your lifestyle. This means that you get the optimal performance of your hearing aids that also deliver maximum comfort and functionality. Moreover, you can ask a hearing consultant for adjustments if you experience discomfort that requires expert assistance. 

3. Patient Care Advocacy 

Hearing problems are often complicated cases, and they require meticulous attention. Seeing a hearing consultant in Massachusetts offers you an optimal and precise approach to your hearing care. An expert is also the best advocate for premium patient care, which means you can get the best treatment possible. 

When you feel that someone is genuinely concerned about your wellbeing, you would feel much more comfortable discussing your challenges with hearing. It would also be beneficial to you to form a long-lasting relationship with your hearing consultant so that you can get your questions answered and your concerns addressed. 

4. Safety

Over-the-counter hearing aids may be programmed to the correct size and comfortability but still pose a health risk. Especially if you skip undergoing hearing tests, you may miss the opportunity to determine which hearing aid best fits your needs. 

For instance, a hearing aid may be too loud for you. The amplification of the sound may lead to further hearing loss, and some hearing aids may cause wax buildup that can result in an ear infection. To avoid these complications, seek out a hearing specialist near you. 

5. Cost-Effective

While hearing aids from drug stores have affordable upfront costs, they may lead to more expenses in the long run, especially if you cannot find the right fit. Seeking treatment through hearing specialists is a worthy investment as you only get the best—from professional assessments to recommendations on upgrades. 

Hearing aids also come with a warranty. Seeing a hearing consultant may seem expensive at first, but the quality of care you get makes you realize that it is an excellent investment in the long run. 


While it is fantastic to know that there is broader access to hearing aids, it is still essential to go for dedicated hearing care, especially if you have an acute condition. Seeing a hearing specialist provides more benefits than purchasing a hearing aid of your own as a professional best knows about proper individualized treatment and care. 

Hear More Associates will work with you to understand your unique circumstances with multiple styles, technology levels, and price points for your hearing aids. We are among the most trusted hearing care specialists throughout Lexington and Greater Boston, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Schedule an appointment on our website today!

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