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The sense of hearing is essential for every child, given that it helps them hear and learn more about words and their proper uses and pronunciation. Besides that, they can also enjoy all the fruitful notes of music, inspiring them to pursue a very creative and productive hobby while they grow.

That being said, one of the most devastating things that may happen to a child is to experience a loss of hearing.

There are many reasons why some kids end up losing their sense of hearing, but it is important to know that the resulting outcome of this condition can greatly affect the child’s auditory system, especially if the loss occurs during early childhood, in the first three years of life.

In such a case, it is vital to know about these causes to determine your next approach.

1. Genetics

Hearing loss is usually a hereditary issue, which makes it a genetic issue. In other words, if other members of the family, or even close relatives, experience hearing loss or deafness, the chances are greater that the child may experience this condition as well.

Parents who have a history of allergies that are hearing-related, as well as parents who have undergone a surgery that affects their hearing, also have a greater chance of having a child who will experience hearing loss.

2. Infections

When a child contracts an ear infection, it is likely to be caused by the lack of the fluid called cerumen, which is present in the ear. The fluid helps condition the eardrum and protect it from any harsh environmental conditions. When the ear is exposed to infections, it will become inflamed and will cause the child to experience loss of hearing.

3. Environmental Factors

Exposure to loud sounds can cause hearing loss. Some sounds can be very loud and can be tolerated for a short time, but if you are exposed to these sounds for hours on end, you will experience hearing problems and may end up with a permanent loss of hearing.

4. Prenatal Issues

While this may not directly cause hearing loss, if you are pregnant and you are taking drugs or medicines that could adversely affect the development of the fetus, it could result in hearing loss. Likewise, if you have an underlying medical condition, you may be required to take medication for its treatment. These drugs may have adverse effects on the unborn child, causing hearing loss to occur.

5. Disease

There also may be medical conditions that develop as the child grows, progressively reducing the hearing ability. Mixed acidosis, for example, is a condition that may start off as a mild loss of hearing but will develop into a more challenging condition that requires constant medical supervision.

6. Meningitis

This condition is caused by the growth of bacteria in the child’s body, which will affect the brain and spinal cord. Meningitis can be very dangerous and may result in hearing loss, especially if the child is not treated in time.


The causes of hearing loss in children are varied. However, it is important for the parents of children who experience this to work closely with their doctors to find the right treatment. This approach may help restore the hearing functions of their children back to their normal state.

The hearing loss may be temporary or permanent, so it is vital to know how to handle these cases and take them all seriously.

The best way to prevent the development of hearing loss is to be aware of the risk factors and to take care of your child’s hearing as early as possible.

If you are looking for the best hearing specialists in Rhode Island, look no further than our expert practitioners here at Hear More Associates. We are your most trusted hearing care specialists, caring for patients throughout Lexington and Greater Boston, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Call us today to book your child’s first hearing test with our experts.

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