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Hearing loss can be quite challenging. But the first step you need to take is to address your current situation and decide which type of hearing specialist to see. If you’re never done this before, you may feel overwhelmed and anxious about choosing the right hearing specialist for your specific needs.

Of course, you can ask your family, friends, and relatives for help. But if you still can’t find one, we’ve listed a few things you should consider when looking for a reliable specialist.

Types of Hearing Specialists

There are two major types of hearing specialists: 

  • Audiologists
  • Hearing Aid Dispensers of Hearing Instrument Specialists (HIS)

Audiologists are licensed and certified professionals who have earned a Master’s degree or a Doctoral degree in audiology. It took them six to eight years to complete their studies.

Hearing Instrument Specialists, on the other hand, have completed their high school education, and in some states, they were able to complete a two-year degree. They also passed a written and practical exam to become licensed by the State so they could do their practice. In some cases, they can even pass a national exam through the National Hearing Instrument Society and become Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialists (BD-HIS).

The main difference between the two is that audiologists are experts in every aspect of hearing healthcare, and that includes fitting the right hearing devices. As for HIS, they are allowed for the dispensing hearing devices only.

Which One Should You Choose

Now both hearing specialists are knowledgeable about your hearing loss condition and the hearing aid technology fit for your needs. One thing you need to make sure of is that you choose a specialist that will be concerned about your overall health. So, it is important for you to visit a specialist if you are looking for hearing aids instead of buying them over the counter.

Choose a specialist who can help you with selecting which hearing aid device and who can give you continued support, especially during your adjustment period. You want to make sure that your hearing specialist is a good fit for you since you need to work with them twice or even more a year.

One way of finding the best hearing specialists is through reviews like You can find the reviews of their previous patients to help you select the specialist fit for your lifestyle and specific needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hearing Specialist

The hearing specialist should see you for annual check-ups and regular adjustments and maintenance on your hearing aids. Now, to help you decide which type of hearing specialist to choose, here are some important factors you need to consider.

1. Treatment Options

You need to work with your hearing specialist, who can offer you the right services for your needs. If you experience a profound hearing loss, you want a specialist who knows which type of hearing aids address those needs. Now, if you experience ringing in your ears, then work with a specialist who is an expert in tinnitus. So before deciding which hearing specialist you need, check the services they offer and their specialties so you know that they can help you.

2. Recommendations

If you don’t know which specialist to choose,  you can read online reviews from your local providers. Look for positive reviews about the specialists’ practices and how trustworthy they are.

3. Insurance Coverage

One of the most important things you need to consider is whether a hearing specialist will accept your insurance. If yes, then it can save you a lot of money so you can afford better hearing healthcare services.


Whichever hearing specialist you choose, you need to make sure that they will work with you so you’ll have a flawless experience in your hearing healthcare and in choosing the best hearing aids. 

Hear More Associates have the most trusted hearing care specialists, caring for patients throughout Lexington, Greater Boston, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Head on to our website to know more about the best hearing aids fit for your special needs.

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