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Proper care and cleaning of your hearing aid will extend its life and help it work as expected. It can also help avoid the need for repeated repairs. Here is a list of how you can clean your hearing aids.

On every hearing aid model, three places need regular care:

  • The shell
  • The microphone
  • The receiver

Here is a step-by-step guide to taking care of your hearing aid:

1. Get the Proper Tools

If your hearing aid is wireless, you will need a wireless cleaner. These are usually in the form of spray, pens, or wipes. They all have the same goal of removing dust and keeping the receiver free from contaminants.

You can find cleaning kits at your audiologist or your ear doctor if you have one. Consult them first on the right tools to use for your hearing aids.

2. Establish a Habit of Cleaning Your Hearing Aid

It is recommended that you clean your hearing aids after every use. This way, you are not faced with a clogged receiver or a clogged microphone when you need it the most. Cleaning your hearing aids after a day or two is also a good practice.

3. Clean the Shell

The shell of the hearing aid is usually made of plastic. It collects dust and dirt over time that can build up and cause clogs in the receiver or the microphone. Use a soft tissue or cloth to wipe it off. You can also use a wipe designed to clean the shell. Avoid getting moisture in the shell. Some hearing aid clean-up kits have alcohol, damaging your hearing aid.

4. Clean the Receiver

A wire or a pen will work if you have a wireless device. Do this by moving the wire or pen in circles on the receiver, making sure that you go in different directions at different times. Start from the top, and go down towards the bottom.

5. Clean the Microphone

If you have a behind the ear hearing aid, you can use a small Babylock or a lint brush to clean the microphone. Again, make sure that you clean the microphone and not the receiver. You can also use a pipe cleaner or a bent paper clip. Again, make sure you clean the microphone and not the receiver.

6. Clean the Wires

The wires of the hearing aid may get clogged with sweat, dirt, and ear wax. Clean them after every use. You can do this by using a wire brush or a curved paperclip. You can also use a baby wipe or a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol.

7. Test Your Hearing Aid

Test your hearing aid to make sure that everything is working properly. You can do this by making a phone call, watching a video, listening to music, or attending a gathering. You can also turn up the volume of the TV.


It is more likely to last longer when you take care of your hearing aid. When you follow the tips listed above and learn how to take care of your hearing aid, there will be fewer chances of repair and the need to replace it. Learning how to take care of your hearing aid will also make your life easier, especially if you are the caregiver of someone with a hearing loss.

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