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One of the best things about wearing hearing aids is that it can help you strengthen your relationships with those around you. Whether it’s a spouse, sibling, or friend, your loved ones will notice a difference in your daily interactions. 

However, there are also some challenges that come with wearing these devices! Sometimes, it can be hard to make and keep friends. But with the right attitude about your new device, you will soon find yourself surrounded by people who truly care about you. To help you do that, here are three tips for strengthening your relationships after hearing aids.

Be Open-Minded about How People May Perceive Your Hearing Aids

Most first-time hearing aid wearers don’t really tell people that they have hearing aids for fear that this might change the way people perceive them. 

Some individuals, even before hearing aids, already experienced having people feeling a little distant or aloof. This is because of a certain misunderstanding created when people with hearing loss don’t even realize that a person is talking to them or if they didn’t hear a question. So even when they get hearing aids, the misconception is still there. 

Having an open mind on how people would perceive your situation can help you communicate with them better.

Find the Best Ways to Communicate with People

Here are some tips on how you can efficiently communicate with the people around you, especially your loved ones:

  • Look at them when they are talking. Communication is not only verbal but also through non-verbal actions. This means that the expression on someone’s face and their body language can speak louder beyond their words. And this is specifically important because hearing aids are usually designed to focus on sound coming directly in front of you. So when you are communicating, you should be face-to-face with the other person to hear the person’s voice better and clearer.
  • Suggest that you move to a better location. When you have hearing aids, you can pick up all sorts of different sounds around you. This means that if your current location has a lot of noise, then it’ll be harder for you to pick up the voice of the person you are communicating with. So to help you hear better, you can ask that person to move somewhere quieter and more convenient for listening.
  • Ask the person to get your attention. You can ask the person to always get your attention first before conversing with you. In this way, you all get to avoid misunderstandings. For instance, they can tap your shoulder, call your name, or look you in the eye.

Improve Your Communication Strategies

For you to strengthen your relationships with your loved ones and the people around you, you may want to create a space for you to improve on your communication strategies. You can do this through the following:

  • Accessories – There are various hearing aid accessories that you can use to improve your communication. You can use Bluetooth streaming devices and remote microphones to have a better range of hearing in different situations such as in meetings, talking on a phone, or even on busy streets.
  • Aural Rehabilitation – Aural rehabilitation strategies can help you understand speech better by describing the process of identifying and treating hearing loss based on your unique goals. The main goal is for you to understand your specific listening and communication needs.


It’s alright if you feel a bit concerned when it’s your first time wearing hearing aids. But this should not stop you from building relationships with people, especially with your friends and loved ones. You can improve the ways you communicate with others so you can strengthen your relationships with them.

Hear More Associates has the most trusted hearing care specialists who are dedicated to taking care of their patients’ individual needs. If you would like to learn more about your case of hearing loss, contact us today and get a free hearing test in Lexington.

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