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One of the most important senses humans depend on every day is their hearing. Your ears allow you to navigate the world on your own, letting you hear everything around you clearly without worrying about losing your sense of balance.

When your ears fail to work normally, you could experience health problems resulting in hearing loss. Other conditions include balance issues, cognitive concerns, and late speech processing. A way to prevent your hearing from failing is to seek the best hearing specialists for help.

After all, you should include the state of your ears in the well-being of your overall health. Striving to get an ear examination each year is necessary to prevent undetected issues from worsening. The first step you need to do to avoid unwanted situations is to figure out if you have hearing loss.

Common Causes of Hearing Loss

An array of health concerns can lead a person to lose their hearing. It could be due to heart illness, diabetes, or high blood pressure. When people face specific medical issues, they often overlook other underlying problems because they’re fixated on their primary health problem.

Besides, the pain in your ears that could become hearing loss may stem from severe ear infections, inflammation of your outer ear, or damage to your eardrums or nerves. If you face trauma to your head or ears or encounter a sudden loud noise, those situations are potential causes of losing your hearing ability too.

The moment you notice your hearing isn’t the same as before and you get earaches often, you should make an appointment at a hearing clinic to determine the severity of your situation. A doctor will have you undergo an exam to assess your ears and diagnose your current condition.

What to Expect from an Ear Exam

If it’s your first time getting your ears checked, take note that the process is fast and easy and won’t require several hours to accomplish. Your doctor will use an otoscope to view your ears clearly, taking a peek at your ear canal and eardrum for any potential problems.

Once the exam is over, you will undergo a free hearing test to determine if your hearing ability has changed. The procedure involves sitting in a booth with headphones and listening to distinct sounds, such as beeps and tones with varying frequencies, checking to see if you can still detect sounds.

People who believe their hearing is fine should still check in with a hearing consultant and undergo an ear checkup. A doctor should inspect your ears for any possible infections or damage, or you could risk losing the good quality of your hearing down the line.


Losing your hearing doesn’t only happen when a loud sound disrupts your capability to hear clearly. Instead, losing one of your five senses could develop gradually, often due to underlying health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Each year, it’s crucial to learn how to check for hearing loss with the guidance of your doctor to prevent worse situations and find a way to eliminate infections, inflammation, and damage.

Are you looking for the best hearing clinic in Lexington for your hearing concerns? Hear More Associates is a company run by trusted hearing care specialists dedicated to helping our patients in need. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment!

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