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Hearing aids have been used to help people with impaired hearing since 1913, when the world was introduced to the first commercially manufactured devices. These devices have improved drastically over the years, thanks to the many technological innovations, and they continue to help people to this very day. In fact, digital hearing aids can be customized to an individual’s hearing loss and have automatic adjustment features that adapt to different environments. 

Now, many of you may be wondering whether or not you need to start using hearing aids. To put your questions to rest, we’ve put together a list of three common signs of hearing loss. Hopefully, this list can help you determine any hearing impairments that you may have so that you can get the help that you need!

1. The TV or Music Is Set Too Loud

The signs of hearing loss can be quite subtle that you may not even notice it when it’s first starting out. One tell-tale sign of hearing loss is when your family or the people around start complaining about your TV volume or the music that you’re playing is too loud. 

While this isn’t indicative of anything just yet, it’s also not insignificant. If you find this happening to you frequently, it’s best to consult with a hearing specialist. Luckily, we offer free hearing tests in Lexington, Greater Boston, New Hampshire, and Rhode. Consulting with a specialist can be quite helpful, as they can teach you how to prevent minor hearing loss from getting worse. 

2. You Find It Difficult To Understand People

Another sign of hearing loss is when you find it hard to understand the people you’re talking to. Hearing loss doesn’t always involve completely not being able to hear. To be more specific, people who suffer from the condition in question often find it more difficult to hear high-pitched sounds.

This often manifests in normal conversations, as words with consonant sounds tend to be of a higher pitch and are a little harder to hear. This becomes even more evident when you’re having a conversation in a noisy environment or when the person you’re talking to is situated further away from you, and you find it difficult to hear them.

3. You Lose Track of Conversations Involving Multiple People

In relation to the previous point, you may also find it difficult to keep track of your conversations involving multiple people if you’re suffering from some form of hearing loss. This tends to happen during work meetings or large social gatherings.

Now, it’s important to note that it’s normal to find it difficult to process multiple conversations as your ability to do so naturally declines over time. The key here is to be mindful of how often this happens and try to discern whether or not the cause can be attributed to your deteriorating hearing.


We hope this article helps you get the help that you need. We understand that it can be quite difficult to check for hearing impairments as not everyone knows how to check for hearing loss. Remember, while the signs above can help determine if your hearing is compromised, it’s still in your best interest to consult with a hearing specialist!

We at Hear More Associates understand that different people have different needs when it comes to their hearing. This is why our hearing specialists use their years of expertise to provide you with the best hearing aid for you. If you’re looking for a hearing specialist in Massachusetts, come visit us today for a consultation!

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