Custom Fit or Open Fit

Custom fit hearing aids are  custom made to fit the unique contours of the outer ear of each patient. Open fit aids are an off the shelf product that can be individually fit and programmed for each patient. Each type of hearing aid can use the same technology, so what’s the difference?
On the plus side, open fit aids can be fit in the home or office without any waiting period. The patient can experience amplification right away. Open fit also allows the patient’s ear to hear sounds more naturally. 70% of all hearing aids fit today are the open fit classified as open fit. On the down side, open fit capacity is limited. There’s only a certain range that the aids can reach but that’s changing.
Custom hearing aids require an impression from a trained dispenser. That impression is sent off to the lab where the hearing aid is made. The turn around time is usually one to two weeks. The disadvantage of custom aids is that they occlude or plug up the ear. That occlusion has to electronically be removed so the aid sounds natural. The advantage to a custom aid is that they can reach a greater hearing loss. Also, custom wearers tend to like to stay with that type of aid.
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